Autumn 2023 Tied up in a Bow
Published on January 10, 2024

As we enter the new year, the Vonage Developer Experience team is geared up and excited to roll out another round of innovative projects and updates. Last quarter was a sprint to the finish, filled with hard work and dedication to bring new tools and improvements to your development experience. Let's dive into the highlights from Q4!

Making the Move from Twilio Video

We are welcoming Twilio Programmable Video customers to the Vonage family! With Twilio's video product phasing out, we're here to help developers transition to Vonage's Video API. We have ready-to-go sample apps with HD video capabilities to AI enhancements. For anyone needing to make the switch, our team is here and ready to support you!

Engaging Customers with Conversations

Great news for our Salesforce fans! We're thrilled to introduce Conversations for Salesforce (CSF), now available in beta on the Salesforce AppExchange. This Salesforce Connector, powered by Vonage APIs, offers Sales and Service Cloud users the ability to integrate diverse communication channels like SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp directly into Salesforce. CSF has user-friendly features such as no-code setup, customizable conversation flows, and WhatsApp template management, all designed to enhance customer engagement. Check out our User Guides for detailed configuration and usage instructions. Our Support team is ready to assist with any technical questions.

Increasing Efficiency with Video API Integration

There are significant updates for Vonage Video API users! We've integrated the management of Video API applications into the Vonage API Dashboard, making your development workflow more cohesive. This beta phase allows you to build and manage custom video experiences with features like secure video sessions, interactive broadcasting, and AI-powered video enhancements, all from one place. While this beta version offers a preview of streamlined development, it is essential to note that it has yet to be ready for applications in production. To help you kickstart your development, we provide you credits to test it out and encourage you to check out our documentation.

Simplified Messaging Compliance in North America

We're pleased to roll out our 10DLC SMS/MMS Opt-Out Assist, now generally available. This feature is designed to automatically handle HELP/STOP compliance keywords, replies, and opt-outs for your North American SMS/MMS messaging campaigns. And it comes at no extra cost. This addition is part of our ongoing effort to simplify the more technical aspects of communication compliance, allowing you to focus more on development and less on regulatory details.

Join the Party

New year, new us! Q4 was a fabulous quarter for our team, and we can’t wait for you to see everything in store for 2024. Until then, follow us on X, formerly known as Twitter, and join our Community Slack group. We love talking to our developers and are always open to feedback. Cheers!

Diana PhamDeveloper Advocate

Diana is a developer advocate at Vonage. She likes eating fresh oysters.

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