Vonage Welcomes Twilio Programmable Video Customers
Published on December 13, 2023

Hello Video Enthusiasts!

At Vonage, we welcome all developers looking for a programmable video solution. As a recognized API leader, we want to help you discover the possibilities with our Video API and our long-time commitment to video innovation.

Twilio recently announced that its Programmable Video product has reached end-of-life and customers have a year to migrate to other solutions. We know that change is always tough - especially when it wasn't part of your plan, hence we want you to know how Vonage can help with your future video plans by providing a Twilio video alternative*.

So let's dive into the most mature and versatile programmable video solution in the industry.

* Vonage is not a Twilio partner, but is an independent provider of a leading programmable Video API.

Test-Drive the Vonage Video API Right Now

We've developed a Vonage Video sample app that gets you up and running fast, no server required! With almost no setup, you can create Vonage sessions, generate tokens for those sessions, archive (or record) sessions, and download those archives, all in a serverless infrastructure.

Another great resource for your project are these migration guides for Web (JavaScript), Android, and iOS.

You can also jump straight into the developer docs or contact us if you have a burning question.

Vonage Video Learning Server (Node.js)Sample Vonage Video NodeJS Server App

Get Started with the Sample Application

We've got Video Sample Apps in a few different flavors on Github:

Our sample apps can go way beyond the basics! Check out the Video API Web Samples to see powerful from background blur to advanced topics on how to apply custom grayscale, sepia, and invert filters.

Need Further Proof? Here Are Some Highlights of Vonage Video API

The Vonage Video API has been leading video innovation since way back in 2007! We were one of the first to build on WebRTC when it debuted in 2012 and introduced the very first WebRTC mobile SDKs on the market.

More Powerful Video Rooms:

  • More participants: Rooms (we call them sessions) can scale up 15,000 participants (depending on the number of publishers), ideal for webinars and mid-sized broadcasts.

  • Full HD: Support for 1080p video resolution within sessions, and most importantly for recordings and broadcast streams.

  • Cloud-Based Dynamic Recording: Recording layouts and selections can be fully controlled during the session so that the properly composed result is immediately available without further work, shortly after the session ends.

  • Advanced Tooling: Our award-winning Experience Composer allows all web elements of your application to be captured for both recording and broadcast.

Low-code Choices: The powerful Vonage Video API gives you complete flexibility in how you design your applications. Building on our core API, our low-code Video Express package allows web-level developers to quickly build multi-party applications with all the video optimizations taken care of automatically as room sizes and layouts dynamically change.

Scalable Awesomeness and Global Reach: Whether you're a startup or an enterprise, we've got your back! Our global platform scales effortlessly, ensuring that your video applications can grow and evolve with your business needs. Vonage Video brings your video applications to a global stage, breaking down geographical barriers and making your reach truly international.

Compliance and Security: We take security seriously. Over a decade of investment ensures our video platform is designed to meet the highest compliance standards, giving you the peace of mind to focus on creating exceptional video applications. Here are a couple of highlights:

  • Certifications: Vonage Video complies with HIPAA, SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and CCPA standards.

  • End-to-End Encryption: Following WebRTC standards, all traffic is transport encrypted. We also support full end-to-end encryption when needed for incoming and outgoing traffic (including through our media servers), ensuring even greater privacy and security.

  • Encrypted Recordings: Your recordings can be encrypted at rest, as they are created so that they are secure even within your own application. All recordings are quickly transferred to your S3, Azure, or Google Cloud storage and Vonage does not retain them.

  • Regional Media Isolation: allows you to meet different regional compliance needs by isolating all media traffic to selected regions around the world. AI-enabled: Vonage Video Media Processor provides access to WebRTC client media streams (publisher and subscriber) and easy use of standard ML transformer libraries for video interpretation and manipulation. The API has Blur and Background Replace built-in, but developers can build what they want! Audio Connector is a server-side feature that allows any selection of audio streams to be sent to external AI engines for processing. Vonage has an add-on Captions capability using this, and again, developers have full flexibility in how they process session audio in real time.

Oh, and one more thing…

Broadcast: All the capabilities you were hoping for in the former Twilio Live have been built-in to the Vonage Video API since 2016 and are continuously enhanced. This includes easy stream composition with either our dynamic video composer or full Experience Composer, and broadcast up to 1080p to RTMP (any social platform and others), HLS, and LL-HLS. Our large rooms (sessions) up to 15,000 participants allow broadcasts of this size to be delivered all over WebRTC, plus allowing these audiences to easily be “brought on stage.”

Read more about our extensive video features.

Ready to Embark on Your Video Adventure?

Vonage has deep video expertise and provides rich support and services to help organizations migrate from Twilio to Vonage Video, including architecture consulting and code review through to full professional services to add skills to any part of your migration work. Please contact us to discuss your needs and set up a technical review of how we can support your migration.

If you have questions, see our Video API Product page, documentation, and Migration Guide. Join us on the Vonage Developer Slack or send us a post on X, and we will get back to you. You may also leave our team some feedback on your experience. Join our community of WebRTC enthusiasts which values reliability and innovation, making your video experiences seamless and worry-free.

Come for Video, Stay for Communication APIs

Vonage empowers developers with a robust suite of Communication APIs designed to enable you to communicate with your customers using your preferred channels. From Messaging and Voice to Video, Authentication, and AI, Vonage APIs provide a versatile toolkit that developers can seamlessly integrate into their applications. The APIs offer extensive customization options, allowing developers to tailor communication solutions to their specific needs. Whether it's sending or receiving programmable SMS, leveraging AI, facilitating voice interactions, or implementing real-time video capabilities, Vonage APIs provide the building blocks for you to create engaging communication experiences for your customers.

Vonage is also part of Ericsson, giving us long-term stability while also expanding our APIs with new 5G network-based capabilities (see announcements here and here) - such as upcoming Quality-on-Demand APIs for boosting network performance for mission-critical video apps!

Thanks again for reading, and you can look forward to further blogs on how Vonage can provide you with a great Twilio video alternative!

Michael CrumpManager, Developer Experiences

Michael Crump works at Vonage on the Developer Experiences team and is a coder, YouTuber, and frequent speaker of various .NET and cloud/communication development topics. He’s passionate about helping developers understand the benefits of each in a no-nonsense way.

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