Welcome to Vonage API Developer Portal. Here you can find all the technical documentation for the APIs available as part of the Vonage Communication APIs Platform. Be sure to checkout our steps to get started with Vonage APIs section!

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Programmatically send and receive SMS messages.

Messages API

Multi-channel messaging that integrates with WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber.
10 DLC support for application-to-person (A2P) business messaging

In-app messaging

Build chat messaging into your application.

Dispatch API

Ensure message delivery by specifying failover workflows with other messaging channels.


Voice API

Create calls, control calls in-progress, get information about previous calls, and more.


Connect voice calls to existing endpoints via the phone network and in-app voice.

In-app voice

Build live voice communications into your application


Meetings API

Create your own white-labeled video meetings with a single API call.

Authentication & Identity

Verify API

Enable your applications with two-factor authentication.

Number Insight

Get information about phone numbers.

Low/No Code Solutions

AI Studio

Build complex conversational flows via a drag-and-drop interface.

Vonage Business Cloud

Programatically access data and manage features on your Vonage Business Communications (VBC) account.

Other APIs

Account management

Application API

Create a record for your application and configure authentication, callbacks, and settings.

Numbers API

Provision virtual numbers around the globe to send or receive text messages and phone calls.

Redact API

Delete data from the Vonage platform.

Reports API

Find historical records and messages by originating or destination phone number, dates, and more.

Product Enablement

Account & Subaccounts APIs

Create a record for your application and configure authentication, callbacks, and settings.

Audit API

Get information about your Vonage account activity.

Conversation API

Stitch conversations from multiple communications channels into a single thread.

Client SDK

Use Conversation API & Client SDK to build applications with two-way voice and messaging communication.