Nexmo .NET Client SDK v4.0.0 Is Now Ready for Installs
Published on May 13, 2021

We are pleased to announce that the Nexmo .NET client library v4.0.0 is now available via the NuGet Package Manager Console.

If you're ready to get right into the good stuff, you can go ahead and install it now.

Install-Package Nexmo.Csharp.Client -Version 4.0.0

What's New

The biggest part of this release is that we now support the new Nexmo Application API.

A Nexmo application contains the security and configuration information you need to connect to Nexmo endpoints and easily use our products.

Despite the fact Application API v2 is backwards compatible with v1, we had to make the hard decision of breaking backwards compatibility with our .NET client library to be able to provide a good quality code.

Some of the properties are also different between the two versions, instead of specifying the type of the application as was the case with V1, with V2, we specify the capabilities of the app instead.

The application API allows you to create, update or delete an application. You can also retrieve information about a specific application using its ID or list all the applications you've already created giving you greater programmatic control over all your Nexmo applications.

For example to create a new app :

Client = new Client(creds: new Nexmo.Api.Request.Credentials
    ApiKey = "NEXMO_API_KEY",
    ApiSecret = "NEXMO_API_SECRET",

var result = Client.ApplicationV2.Create(new AppRequest
    Name = "NEW APP V2"

To retrieve an application:

var result = Client.ApplicationV2.Get("APP_ID");

Get Involved

To all our contributors who tried out the client lib and pointed out issues to be fixed and improvements to be made, to those who suggested new features to help them with their projects, thank you, we shipped v4.0.0 thanks to all of you.

Please keep giving feedback and we will continue to implement new functionality and improved experiences for you.

Now get it installed!

Rabeb OthmaniVonage Alumni

Rabeb was a Developer Advocate at Nexmo focusing on cloud communication APIs and helping developers get the best experience possible when building their apps. Other than writing code for a living, Rabeb advocates for bringing more women and minorities into tech, thus her involvement with Women Who Code and different tech communities. She leads the Women Who Code Network in Bristol.

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