AT&T Network API Accelerator Program (NAAP) is Live
Published on June 19, 2024


AT&T and Vonage have joined forces to launch the Network API Accelerator program. This platform grants developers exclusive access to AT&T's latest innovations through their Vonage accounts. We are thrilled to announce that the AT&T Network API Accelerator Program (NAAP) is live! This presents a unique opportunity for your customers to be at the forefront of Network APIs, providing direct feedback to AT&T and shaping the future of these technologies.

As the first part of this trial, AT&T is inviting Vonage customers to gain access to two Network APIs, Device Status and SIM Swap, that Vonage has launched in Spain and Germany to test out on the AT&T network. If you would like to request access to be considered for the NAAP, please sign up here.

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Device Status

This checks a device's connection and roaming status with the Vonage Device Status API.

Some example use cases for these capabilities include:

  • For regulatory reasons, a customer may need to be within a certain jurisdiction or out with others for transactions to be authorized.

  • For security/fraud reasons, to establish that a customer is located where they claim to be.

  • For service delivery reasons, to ensure that the customer has access to a particular service and will not incur roaming charges in accessing them.

To learn more about Device Status, visit our documentation or API Reference.

SIM Swap

This powerful API strengthens SIM-based authentication methods, including SMS One-Time Passwords and silent authentication. It lets developers quickly determine if the SIM card linked to the phone number has recently changed.

For example, an application developer can easily integrate this capability and use it to answer two distinct questions:

  • When did the last SIM swap occur?

  • Has a SIM swap happened during the last n hours?

To learn more about SIM Swap API, visit our documentation.


With the AT&T Network API Accelerator Program (NAAP), you’ll provide direct feedback to AT&T and shape the future of Network APIs. We welcome you to explore our Network API’s capabilities and use them excitingly for your customers. For more information, visit our AT&T Network APIs overview page, then sign up directly on AT&T’s developer site.

We’d also love to have you join us on the Vonage Developer Slack or send us a Post on X, and we will get back to you. Thanks again for reading, and I will catch up with you on the next one!

Michael CrumpManager, Developer Experiences

Michael Crump works at Vonage on the Developer Experiences team and is a coder, YouTuber, and frequent speaker of various .NET and cloud/communication development topics. He’s passionate about helping developers understand the benefits of each in a no-nonsense way.

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