Announcing Dashboard Analytics for Verify
Published on May 15, 2024

We are pleased to announce that developers can now get in-depth analytical usage of the Verify API right from the Vonage Dashboard!

The Verify API allows developers to integrate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) within their applications without having to hand-roll a solution. It can use a variety of channels to perform a Verify workflow, such as the new Silent Authentication, or more traditional methods such as SMS and Voice.

The Verify API allows developers to integrate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) within their applications. It can use traditional out-of-the-box authentication methods such as SMS or Voice, or newer, more powerful authentication methods like Silent Authentication). You can now access easy to read visuals for your usage of this API, which can help drive important business decisions such as which country is costing the most for usage or which channels are the most popular methods of completing 2FA on your app.

How Do I Access The Dashboard?

The good news is that is that you don't have to do anything to enable it: it's already there. Log in to your Vonage Dashboardand expand the Analytics header:

Screenshot of anaytics menu in the Vonage Dashboard"Screenshot of anaytics menu in the Vonage Dashboard"

Under Verify V2 Analytics you can find your usage statistics. There are two different views you can access from here: the high level view and the detailed view to drill down into the data. Your overview can split successful vs. failed requests over time.

Screenshot of Verify Requests over time graph"Screenshot of Verify Requests over time graph"

There is the ability to filter by time ranges and type of request result. Below here, you can then view requests by territory:

Screenshot of Verify Requests per territory table"Screenshot of Verify Requests per territory table"

The addition of aggregated spend totals allows for a good overview of your user base/customers/community: everyone needs to complete the 2FA process, so you're effectively getting additional application statistics from your users.

Usage Per Channel

Verify has the ability to use five different channels in your workflow. These are Silent Authentication, SMS, Voice, WhatsApp (when you have an approved WhatsApp Business Account) and Email. You might have coded your integration to only use one of these channels, but seeing as you have the ability to use fallback channels or you might have offered users the ability to pick which 2FA mechanism they want to use, you can get more detailed statistics on this usage:

Screenhot of Verify Requests per channel graph"Screenhot of Verify Requests per channel graph"

Neat, Anything Else?

Yes, there is! You also have access to a new Verify log. Expand the Logs category and head to Verify V2:

Screenshot of Verify Logs"Screenshot of Verify Logs"

For debugging purposes, you get more critical information here such as the API Key used, the device phone number and the carrier that attempted to deliver the request.


Another feature launched; our APIs are always evolving (this year has also seen the beta launch of Silent Authentication as a new channel within Verify) so keep your eyes on our blogs for further features being added. You can keep up to date with what is happening by signing up to our Developer Community Slack, seeing feature rollouts within your Vonage Dashboard account or by following us on X.

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