Sreekanth Kolamala

Technical Trainer at Vonage

Sreekanth is a Technical Trainer at Vonage. He builds and delivers technical workshops on Vonage’s flagship API products - Video, Voice, SMS, WhatsApp. Reach out to Sreekanth at sreekanth.kolamala@...

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Troubleshooting Vonage Video Calls Using Session Inspector

Last updated on Sep 03, 2021

"I was not able to log in."
"One of my teammates couldn’t share their screen."

You've built your awesome app using Vonage Video API. Your customers love your app, and they love that they can have a video chat within the app itself.

Occasionally, one of your customers reaches out to you with a problem—for example, "not able to share screen."

You can always talk to our super helpful support team, but did you know you can troubleshoot these issues too? We have an excellent suite of developer tools designed to debug and troubleshoot your video sessions.

Session Inspector—most prominent among developer tools—is a powerful tool that allows you to deep dive into a specific video session and view quality metrics, user info, errors, and events for reporting and post-call diagnostic purposes.

Below is a video mini-series on the Session Inspector to help you become an expert at debugging your video sessions: