All Your DevRel Award Are Belong To Us
Published on May 4, 2021

It’s been an exciting month for the Nexmo Developer Relations team! Our team has been recognized in not one but two separate competitions, winning a total of four awards!

Nexmo is the proud recipient of “Best Developer Relations Program Overall” at the inaugural DevRel Awards, and of the “Best Onboarding,” “Best Support and Maintenance,” and “Best Reference Documentation” awards at the DevPortal Awards.

The DevRel Awards: Best Developer Relations Program Overall

The DevRel Awards took place on November 7 in London. Developer Relations teams were judged on a number of categories; the categories were opened to the public for nominations, and the top nominees were judged by a jury of Developer Relations experts including Red Hat's Developer Strategist Leslie Hawthorn, Digital Ocean's Director of Developer Relations Tim Falls and developer relations consultant Matthew Revell.

Olia celebrating receiving an awardsawards

"Nexmo have done an amazing job of not only spreading awareness of their APIs but also of making genuinely useful contributions to the communities with which they interact,” said Revell.

“There's a lot of strong competition for this award but Nexmo's diverse, broad and passionate team have helped to make Nexmo into one of the most successful dev rel programmes operating today."

Guess who won the award for Best Developer Relations Programme Overall? . . . . . . . . ?We did! ?#DevRelCon #devrelawards

— Nexmo Developer (@NexmoDev) November 7, 2018

The DevPortal Awards

The DevPortal Awards, held on November 9 also in London, aim to “celebrate the best developer portals and their API documentation components.” Developer Relations teams are judged in nine categories, and our team was nominated in seven (!), bringing home the award in three of them: Best Onboarding, Best API Reference Documentation, and Best Post-Integration & Maintenance Support.

Martyn and Lorna accepting the award for best onboarding winner: Nexmo Developerbest onboarding winner

The DevPortal Awards were also open to nominations from the public, with the nominees then being judged by a jury of experts.

“It's fantastic to be recognized by our peers. We are where we are today thanks to our fellow developer relations professionals and the developer communities we've been welcomed into and that we've had the honor to support over the years,” said Phil Leggetter, Director of Developer Relations for Nexmo. “Thank you to the developer relations community and to everybody at Vonage for the continued support we see every day.”

Group photo of Nexmo Devrel TeamNexmo Devrel Team

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