This product is in the Early Access product stage.

What is the Verify V2 API?

Our Verify V2 API is a new version of our existing Verify API with new features and capabilities, mostly notably using the WhatsApp channel for sending one-time passcodes (OTPs). Verify V2 supports SMS and Voice out of the box as well. Developers will notice a different look and feel to the API, this is intended to give more flexibility and transparency when customizing the workflows related to your Verify deployment.

We plan to add cool new features to Verify V2 in the coming months. Features like callbacks will provide metadata that will allow developers to measure the performance of each Verify request.

Verify V2 + WhatsApp

Verify V2 helps businesses verify their end-users for critical use cases such as account creation, account changes like password resets, and important transactions like payments. The WhatsApp channel can help increase conversion performance since it’s popular in many countries and only requires a WiFi connection. We have automated the WhatsApp Business Account process so no setup is required, allowing developers to test within minutes and scale in a matter of hours.

Request Access

The Verify V2 API is currently in the Early Access product stage, which means:

We are looking for customers to try the API and to give us feedback. The Verify V2 API is fully redundant and can be used in test environments or in full production! If you’re an existing customer, you’ll need to contact sales or request access through the sign-up form.

Next Steps

Once approved for EA, we’ll be in touch with more detailed product onboarding information as well as developer documentation!

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out!