Verify Languages

The Verify API supports many languages with the lg parameter to the "Verify Request" endpoint (see API Reference). The currently-supported language options and the codes to use are listed here:

Value of lg Language
ar-xa Arabic
cs-cz Czech
cy-cy Welsh
cy-gb Welsh (UK)
da-dk Danish
de-de German
el-gr Greek
en-au English (Australia)
en-gb English (UK)
en-in English (India)
en-us English (US)
es-es Spanish (Spain)
es-mx Spanish (Mexico)
es-us Spanish (US)
fi-fi Finnish
fil-ph Filipino
fr-ca French (Canada)
fr-fr French (France)
hi-in Hindi
hu-hu Hungarian
id-id Indonesian
is-is Icelandic
it-it Italian
ja-jp Japanese
ko-kr Korean
nb-no Norwegian
nl-nl Dutch
pl-pl Polish
pt-br Portuguese (Brazil)
pt-pt Portuguese (Portugal)
ro-ro Romanian
ru-ru Russian
sv-se Swedish
th-th Thai
tr-tr Turkish
vi-vn Vietnamese
yue-cn Yue Chinese (Cantonese)
zh-cn Chinese (Mainland)
zh-tw Chinese (Taiwan)