Get JSON records using command line

To create a report, send a GET request to

The parameters that you include in the request will determine which records are returned.

To obtain a specific record use the ID filter. For example, use the following request to view a status of SMS message with ID 13000000C7FE9025:

curl -X GET -u $API_KEY:$API_SECRET "$TARGET_API_KEY&product=SMS&direction=outbound&include_message=true&id=13000000C7FE9025"

NOTE: TARGET_API_KEY can be either your primary account or one of your subaccounts. By providing API_KEY and API_SECRET belonging to the primary account and TARGET_API_KEY belonging to the subaccount, you can obtain records for your subaccount using the primary account credentials. In all other cases set TARGET_API_KEY equal to the API_KEY.

To obtain records within a specific time period use the date_start and date_end filters. The records returned describe all API requests that Vonage received from you within this time period. For example, use the following request to view SMS messages sent from your Vonage Account in a 5-minute window between 2020-04-02T12:00:00Z and 2020-04-02T12:05:00Z:

curl -X GET -u $API_KEY:$API_SECRET '$TARGET_API_KEY&product=SMS&direction=outbound&include_message=true&date_start=2020-04-02T12:00:00Z&date_end=2020-04-02T12:05:00Z'

NOTE: date_end must be no more than 24 hours later than date_start.