Get records synchronously by date range

This code snippet shows you how to retrieve a set of records using a date range. This is a synchronous call, and so will block until it returns a response. It is used where you want to return a limited number of records (thousands) immediately. If you want to obtain large numbers of records (millions) use Create Report.

Date ranges are limited to a window of 24 hours for synchronous queries.


Key Description
VONAGE_API_KEY Your Vonage API key (see it on your dashboard).
VONAGE_API_SECRET Your Vonage API secret (also available on your dashboard).
ACCOUNT_ID The account ID (same as VONAGE_API_KEY) for the account you want to generate reports, or retrieve records for.
REPORT_DIRECTION Either inbound or outbound
REPORT_PRODUCT Specifies the product for which reports and records are obtained. Can be one of SMS, VOICE-CALL, WEBSOCKET-CALL, VERIFY-API, NUMBER-INSIGHT, MESSAGES, CONVERSATIONS, or ASR.
DATE_START Date of time window from when you want to start gathering records in ISO-8601 format.
DATE_END Date of time window from when you want to stop gathering records in ISO-8601 format.

Write the code

Add the following to

curl -G --data-urlencode date_start=$DATE_START --data-urlencode date_end=$DATE_END -u "$VONAGE_API_KEY:$VONAGE_API_SECRET" \

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Run your code

Save this file to your machine and run it:


Try it out

  1. Set the replaceable variables for your account.

  2. For this example, set REPORT_PRODUCT to SMS.

  3. Using the table as a guide set values for the remaining variables.

  4. Run the script and you receive a response similar to the following:

  "_links": {
    "self": {
      "href": ""
  "request_id": "450b434a-ff4f-40f1-80a5-8d6e24d91234",
  "request_status": "SUCCESS",
  "received_at": "2020-06-04T12:22:25+0000",
  "price": 0.0,
  "currency": "EUR",
  "direction": "outbound",
  "product": "SMS",
  "account_id": "abcd1234",
  "date_start": "2020-06-04T08:00:00+0000",
  "date_end": "2020-06-04T14:00:00+0000",
  "include_subaccounts": false,
  "status": "delivered",
  "include_message": false,
  "items_count": 2,
  "records": [
      "account_id": "abcd1234",
      "message_id": "12000000E506AC66",
      "client_ref": null,
      "direction": "outbound",
      "from": "Acme Inc.",
      "to": "447700123456",
      "network": "23410",
      "network_name": "Telefonica UK Limited",
      "country": "GB",
      "country_name": "United Kingdom",
      "date_received": "2020-06-04T12:21:35+0000",
      "date_finalized": "2020-06-04T12:21:37+0000",
      "latency": "2274",
      "status": "delivered",
      "error_code": "0",
      "error_code_description": "Delivered",
      "currency": "EUR",
      "total_price": "0.03330000"

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