Get report status

This code snippet shows you how to obtain the status of a report. It is often used to determine whether a report generation has successfully completed or not.


Key Description
VONAGE_API_KEY Your Vonage API key (see it on your dashboard).
VONAGE_API_SECRET Your Vonage API secret (also available on your dashboard).
REQUEST_ID The request ID returned when a report was created

Write the code

Add the following to


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Run your code

Save this file to your machine and run it:


Try it out

  1. Set the replaceable variables. Parameter validity may vary with product.

  2. Run the script and you receive a response similar to the following:

  "self_link": "",
  "items_count": 17,
  "reports": [
      "request_id": "ri3p58f-48598ea7-1234-5678-90ab-faabd79abcde",
      "request_status": "SUCCESS",
      "direction": "outbound",
      "product": "SMS",
      "account_id": "abcd1234",
      "date_start": "2020-05-21T13:27:00+0000",
      "date_end": "2020-05-21T13:57:00+0000",
      "include_subaccounts": false,
      "status": "delivered",
      "include_message": false,
      "receive_time": "2020-06-03T15:24:31+0000",
      "start_time": "2020-06-03T15:24:32+0000",
      "_links": {
        "self": {
          "href": ""
        "download_report": {
          "href": ""
      "items_count": 4

The file_id is also returned in the response, in this case e87a2d7c-abcd-1234-aa45-9bf17a1eb2a1. The file_id is used to subsequently download a report Zip file.

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