Number Pools API Overview

Number Pools are collections of numbers associated with a Vonage Account (API Key) that can be leveraged to send outbound SMS traffic to users. The Number Pools API enables Vonage customers to directly manage account-level number pools programmatically as a self-service. This self-service allows you to process a variety of requests without having to open a support ticket so they can be processed for you.

The Number Pools API allows you to perform a number of different operations on your account level number pools.

Pool management operations supported:

Numbers (within a pool) management operations supported:

Note: Currently, the Number Pools API does not support deleting a pool. In order to have a pool removed, you submit a request to Vonage Customer Support.

For additional information on the Number Pools API, refer to the Vonage Knowledge Base article on Number Pools.


The Number Pools API is currently in beta so it is only available to certain qualifying Vonage customers. Contact your account manager to have the product capabilities enabled on your account.

Important 10DLC Considerations

In order to avoid carriers from blocking traffic, ensure all US numbers in a number pool are: