Setup Event Alerts

You can use a short code to send event alerts or reminders to your users - for example, to remind them of an appointment. The Event-based alerts API provides this capability.

Action Needed For Vonage Customers Using US Shared Short Codes

Effective immediately, Vonage will no longer accept new programs for Shared Short Codes for A2P messaging. T-Mobile and AT&T's new code of conduct prohibits the use of shared originators for A2P (application to person) traffic. Please migrate any existing Shared Short Code traffic to one of our alternative solutions. To help you with this transition, please use the Vonage guide to alternatives. Please contact us to migrate to a new solution.

You configure these alerts in the developer dashboard:

  1. Sign in to the developer dashboard.
  2. In the left-hand navigation menu, click Numbers then Buy numbers.
  3. Click the add a shared short code link.
  4. Click the Add a shortcode for alerting button.
  5. Configure your alert, HELP and STOP messages and your business information.
  6. Click Update.