Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Action Needed For Vonage Customers Using US Shared Short Codes

Effective immediately, Vonage will no longer accept new programs for Shared Short Codes for A2P messaging. T-Mobile and AT&T's new code of conduct prohibits the use of shared originators for A2P (application to person) traffic. Please migrate any existing Shared Short Code traffic to one of our alternative solutions. To help you with this transition, please use the Vonage guide to alternatives. Please contact us to migrate to a new solution.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) gives you confidence that the number your customer provides you with belongs to them. If you are sending SMS to customers in the US, you can use a short code for this. A customer verifies their number by responding directly to the short code or via your web application. Vonage's Two-Factor Authentication API provides this capability.

These instructions assume that you are using a shared short code. Vonage also offers dedicated short codes specific to your organization. Find out more about short codes here.

To configure a shared US short code for 2FA:

  1. Sign in to the developer dashboard.
  2. In the left-hand navigation menu, click Numbers then Buy numbers.
  3. Click the add a shared short code link.
  4. Click the Add a short code for two factor authentication button.
  5. Configure your message and company name.
  6. Click Update. Vonage will process your application. Approval can take up to five business days.

Mandatory requirements for short codes

When you use a preapproved US short code from Vonage, you MUST display the following information on your site's opt-in page:

  • Frequency: How often users of your service can expect to receive messages from you
  • How to opt out: Send a STOP SMS to your short code.
  • How to get help: Send a HELP SMS to your short code.
  • The cost to your users to receive your messages (message and data rate)
  • The terms and conditions for your service
  • Your privacy policy


You will receive no more than 2 msgs/day. To opt-out at any time, send STOP to 98765.
To receive more information, send HELP to 98765. Message and data rates may apply.
The terms and conditions can be viewed at <http://url.to/your_t&c.html>. 
Our Privacy Policy can be reviewed at <http://url.to/your_privacypolicy.html>.