Troubleshooting SMS

When you send an SMS, the SMS API returns a JSON response that contains an array of message objects, one for each message:

    "message-count": "1",
    "messages": [
            "to": "447700900000",
            "message-id": "0C000000217B7F02",
            "status": "0",
            "remaining-balance": "15.53590000",
            "message-price": "0.03330000",
            "network": "23410"

The status field tells you if the message was successfully queued for sending. A status of zero indicates success; a non-zero value means something went wrong.

Note: A status of zero in the API response does not indicate that Vonage delivered your message. See What else could have gone wrong?

SMS API error codes

If the SMS API returns a non-zero status value then use the following table to determine what went wrong:

status Meaning Description
0 Success The message was successfully accepted for delivery.
1 Throttled You are sending SMS faster than the account limit (see What is the Throughput Limit for Outbound SMS?).
2 Missing Parameters Your request is missing one of the required parameters: from, to, api_key, api_secret or text.
3 Invalid Parameters The value of one or more parameters is invalid.
4 Invalid Credentials Your API key and/or secret are incorrect, invalid or disabled.
5 Internal Error An error has occurred in the platform whilst processing this message.
6 Invalid Message The platform was unable to process this message, for example, an unrecognized number prefix.
7 Number Barred The number you are trying to send messages to is on the list of barred numbers.
8 Partner Account Barred Your Vonage account has been suspended. Contact
9 Partner Quota Violation You do not have sufficient credit to send the message. Top-up and retry.
10 Too Many Existing Binds The number of simultaneous connections to the platform exceeds your account allocation.
11 Account Not Enabled For HTTP This account is not provisioned for the SMS API, you should use SMPP instead.
12 Message Too Long The message length exceeds the maximum allowed.
14 Invalid Signature The signature supplied could not be verified.
15 Invalid Sender Address You are using a non-authorized sender ID in the from field. This is most commonly in North America, where a Vonage long virtual number or short code is required.
22 Invalid Network Code The network code supplied was either not recognized, or does not match the country of the destination address.
23 Invalid Callback URL The callback URL supplied was either too long or contained illegal characters.
29 Non-Whitelisted Destination Your Vonage account is still in demo mode. While in demo mode you must add target numbers to your whitelisted destination list. Top-up your account to remove this limitation.
32 Signature And API Secret Disallowed A signed request may not also present an api_secret.
33 Number De-activated The number you are trying to send messages to is de-activated and may not receive them.

What else could have gone wrong?

If the value of status is zero and your message still did not arrive, then something went wrong during the actual delivery process. To know if your message reached the intended recipient, you need a delivery receipt from the carrier.