Country specific features

Find out how different SMS implementations in different markets and territories can affect your campaign.


Countries have different technical standards and restrictions around the SMS standard. Vonage sends the message you give us to the phone number you designate cheaply and efficiently.


Before you start your messaging campaign you need to plan if the following features are supported in the countries and locations you are sending messages to:

  • Delivery Receipts - When Vonage sends an SMS to a carrier, the carrier should return a delivery receipt (DLR).
  • Alphanumeric Sender IDs - The Sender ID is the number or text shown on a handset when it displays a message. You set a custom Sender ID to better represent your brand.
  • Concatenation & Encoding - When you send SMS with Vonage you should be aware of how many parts your message is being sent as and what encoding is required to send your message.

For a full list of supported features visit our Knowledgebase article: Outbound SMS Country specific features