Manage a WhatsApp Business Profile

Once the cluster has been successfully deployed, you may now manage your WhatsApp Business profile via the Vonage API Dashboard or programmatically using the WhatsApp Provisioning API.

To manage your WhatsApp Business profile from the Vonage API dashboard:

Note Your business profile is displayed when WhatsApp users tap to see your full contact information in the WhatsApp mobile app.

  1. Navigate to the Social Channels page on the Vonage API dashboard.
  2. Click the Edit button corresponding to the WhatsApp application listed in the Your connected social channels list.
  3. From this menu, you may edit the following:
    • About - The text displayed in your profile's About section - max 139 characters. It is a brief description seen by new users whenever they contact your business profile.
    • Profile picture - The photo displayed on your profile. Must be a square JPG or PNG with maximum dimensions of 640 pixels X 640 pixels and a maximum file size of 800 kilobytes.
    • Business description - A longer description of your business - max 256 characters. URLs are not hyperlinked.
    • Address - Your business address - max 256 characters.
    • Business category - Your business' industry selected from a list of options.
    • Contact email - Your business' email - max 128 characters.
    • Website - Your business' websites maximum of 2 websites, max website length: 256. URLs are not hyperlinked.
  4. Once you are finished editing the desired profile fields, click Save.