Meetings API Overview

The Meetings API (Beta) allows you to integrate real-time, high-quality interactive video meetings into your web apps.

You can try out the Meetings API in the Vonage API Dashboard.


Meetings API or Video API?

Both the Meetings API and the Video API allow you to use high-quality interactive video meetings in your web applications. The Meetings API is ideal for those who want plug and play meetings with limited customization; it takes only a few lines of code to generate a meeting and embed it into your application. The Video API is ideal for those who want more customization and flexibility, but it will take more development effort.

Take a look at the Video API documentation for more information.


  • Room: the virtual space in which the video meeting takes place. See Room Types below.
  • Participants:
    • Owner: usually the creator of the room, this person has special administration capabilities.
    • Guest: people attending meeting. Guests have access to standard meeting features.
    • Each room can hold up to 250 participants with 25 active video streams.
  • Set up and Configuration:
    • Request: the code snippet you submit to set up a room.
    • Response: the data that is returned from your request.
    • Meeting Room ID: the ID is a session identifier which is returned in the response to a meeting request.
    • Session: defined as all events that occur during this time, from when the first participant joins, until the last to leave.
    • Guest URL: meeting room URL used by guests.
    • Host URL: meeting room URL with meeting administration capabilities used by the host.
    • Theme: the set of colors, logos and styles to apply to given rooms in the account.
  • Features:
    • Whitelabel: ability to create rooms with specific branding or color schemes.
    • Chat: space for sending written messages that are visible to all attendees in the room.
    • Recording: you can start a recording manually during a meeting, or set the meeting to record automatically when sending a request. You can also choose to only record the owner of the room.
    • Room Management: you can delete, update or retrieve information about rooms.
    • Callbacks: allow you to receive information about a session.
    • Waiting Room: set the level of approval needed to join the meeting. Participants will join the waiting room until either the owner has joined or until the owner has admitted them, depending on the level of approval required.

Room Types

There are two room types:

  • Instant Room:
    • Created for a meeting happening now.
    • Active for ten (10) minutes until the first participant joins the room. If no one joins the room within the ten minutes, the room is deleted.
    • Active for ten minutes after the last participant leaves, then it is deleted.
  • Long Term Room:
    • Remains alive until the expiration date you specify (maximum one year).
    • Typically linked to a recurring meeting, person, or resource.
    • Will require you to specify an expiration date (in ISO format).
    • Enables you to request that a room is automatically deleted ten minutes after the last participant leaves the room.

Website and App Embed

A meeting created through the API can be embedded into your website and mobile applications. To do this, generate the meeting link and create an iFrame using that link:

<iframe src="Meeting link here" title="Embedded Meeting" allow="camera;microphone"></iframe>

This is currently supported both desktop and mobile using the following browsers:

  • Desktop - Supported on Firefox and Chrome based browsers.
  • iOS 14+ - Supported on Safari, Edge or Firefox.
  • Android - Supported on Chrome or Samsung browser v14+.

The meeting can be displayed in any size above 360PX, however the number of features available depends on the size of the iFrame:

Feature 360-500PX 500-600PX 600PX+
Record ¹
Share Screen
Watch Together
Round Table
End Meeting

¹ Recording is still available in 360-500PX meetings by setting the auto_record parameter in the API call.

You will also need to send an email request to the Meetings API team to whitelabel the domain of the website the iFrame is used in.

Code Snippets


Pricing is based on both participant and recording minutes.

Participant Minutes

A participant minute is charged per participant per minute in a session; the rate per minute is determined by how many participant minutes you use per month:

From To Per Minute Rate
0 100,000 $0.00475
100,000 1,000,000 $0.00428
1,000,000 5,000,000 $0.00385
5,000,000 15,000,000 $0.00327
15,000,000 Onwards $0.00262

For example, if you have used up to 100,000 participant minutes it would cost $1.14 for a 1h call with 4 participants, charged at $0.00475 per minute.

Recording Minutes

A recording minute is charged per minute a session is recorded; the rate per minute is determined by how many recording minutes you use per month:

From To Per Minute Rate
0 50,000 $0.025
50,001 250,000 $0.018
250,001 500,000 $0.015
500,001 1,000,000 $0.012
1,000,001 2,000,000 $0.01
2,000,001 Onwards $0.0085

For example, if you have used up to 50,000 minutes it would cost $1.50 to record a 1h call, charged at $0.025 per minute.

The total cost for a call made through the Meetings API = Participant Minutes + Recording Minutes. In the above examples, your total cost would be $1.14 + $1.50 = $2.64