Meetings API Callbacks

API meetings callbacks allow you to receive information about session events, participant activity, recording details, and room expiration.

To configure callbacks, enable the Meetings API capability in your application via the Vonage API Dashboard.

Types of Callbacks

The following table describe each type of callback notification:

Name Description
room:expired The room is inactive. Sessions cannot be created for inactive rooms.
session:started A session has started.
session:ended A session has finished.
recording:started A recording is beginning within a session.
recording:ended A recording has been stopped within a session.
recording:uploaded A recording is ready to be downloaded.
participant:joined Someone has joined a session.
session:participant:left Someone has left a session.

Example Payloads

Session Started

A notification that a session has started.

    "event": "session:started",
    "session_id": "2_MX40NjMzOTg5Mn5-MTYzNTg2ODQwODY4NH41cXIzMDdSa1BZa05BUDFpYnhxcTV4MCt-fg",
    "room_id": "b307d837-c0ce-4619-8c5c-70e418ef9693",
    "started_at": "2021-11-02T15:53:28.753Z"

New Joiner

A notification about someone entering a session.

    "event": "session:participant:joined",
    "participant_id": "b424e1c4-e988-4ce2-8ab9-e3efea7de542",
    "session_id": "2_MX40NjMzOTg5Mn5-MTYzNTg2ODQwODY4NH41cXIzMDdSa1BZa05BUDFpYnhxcTV4MCt-fg",
    "room_id": "b307d837-c0ce-4619-8c5c-70e418ef9693",
    "name": "New Joiner",
    "type": "Guest",
    "is_host": true