Before You Begin

What are Code Snippets?

Code snippets are short pieces of code you can reuse in your own applications. The code snippets use code from example repositories.

Please read this information carefully, so you can best use the code snippets.


Vonage Developer Account

If you don’t have a Vonage account yet, you can get sign up for one here: Vonage Developers Account.

Meetings API Activation

To activate the Meetings API, you need to register with us. Please send an email request, with your API key from the Vonage API Dashboard, to the Meetings API Team.

Application ID and Private Key

Once you’re logged in to the Vonage API Dashboard, click on Applications and create a new Application. Generate a public and private key and record the private key.

JSON Web Token (JWT)

JWTs are used by the Meetings API to authenticate your requests. Use the JWT Generator to create a JWT using the Application ID and Private Token mentioned above.

For further details about JWTs, please see Vonage Authentication.