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Voicebase Real-time sentiment analysis

Voicebase Real-time sentiment analysis

Vonage Websocket application using Voicebase to perform real-time transcription and sentiment analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Transcription
  • AI
  • Voicebase


This is a demo of using a Vonage Websocket to transcribe audio in real-time using Voicebase. To view a live version of the demo, go to https://nexmo-vb.herokuapp.com/ and dial the phone number listed on the page. Then, begin speaking, you will see the transcription of the speech at the bottom of the page. On the left, you will see the sentiment of the conversation. When positive words are spoken('happy','joy'..etc), the sentiment line will move higher. When negative words are spoken, this line will decrease. On the right, shows a graph of keywords spoken in the conversation.



This open source project is supported by the Vonage Product and Developer Experience team on a best effort basis, issues should be raised in the GitHub repository.