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Vonage Node-RED

Vonage Node-RED

A package for the Node-RED Flow Based Programming platform
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Node-RED is an Open Source project allowing “Flow-based programming for the Internet of Things”. Flow-based programming lends itself very nicely to programmable communications and in many ways, phones are just another “thing” connected to the Internet so controlling the progress of a call or sending and receiving SMS are very similar to IoT activities.

You can now create flows for things such as sending SMS to multiple recipients, creating autoresponders, building phone call IVRs or running phone number verification (e.g. 2FA). The Vonage Node-RED package is perfect for prototyping call flows allowing you to rapidly make changes and visualise the sequence of events.

Node-RED has a thriving ecosystem of other nodes to connect to different services. If you want to combine Vonage communications with Slack to get a notification of an SMS enquiry from a customer or use IBM Watson to run sentiment analysis on your voicemails you can combine the nodes to create that. The possibilities are endless.



This open source project is supported by the Vonage API Developer Relations team on a best effort basis. Please ask questions and raise issues in the nexmo-nodered GitHub repository.