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Vonage Send SMS Action

Vonage Send SMS Action

A GitHub Action for sending an SMS.
  • GitHub
  • SMS
  • Action
  • Continuous Integration


The Vonage Send SMS Action allows you to send SMS as part of a GitHub Actions workflow. The passed in arguments represent the recipient and contents of the message.

For example:

workflow "Send SMS On Push" {
  on = "push"
  resolves = ["notification"]

action "notification" {
    uses = "nexmo-community/nexmo-sms-action@master"
    secrets = [
    args = "15551234567 New pull on $GITHUB_REPOSITORY from $GITHUB_ACTOR."

will send New pull on $GITHUB_REPOSITORY from $GITHUB_ACTOR to 15551234567.



This open source project is supported by the Vonage Product and Developer Experience team on a best effort basis, issues should be raised in the github repository.