In order for a User to communicate through a Conversation they must join the Conversation through a membership.

Member objects connect Users with Conversations. When a User joins a Conversation, a Member object has to be created. Each Member object has one Conversation and one User associated with it.

A Member object has one associated Channel, so one User can have many Member objects associated with it, according to the Channels that they can be reached through.

A User can be associated with many Member objects in Conversations, in the same way as a Conversation can have many Members.

A Member can have one of several states such as invited, joined and left.

Each Member has a unique Member ID of the form:


Memberships can be created in various ways: via the Conversation API, using the functions provided by the Client SDK, or using the command line.

NOTE: You can add a maximum of 3000 Members to a Conversation for a chat implementation, and 200 for a voice implementation