A Channel is a communication mechanism. A User's available Channels determine how they can send and receive communications.

The Channels supported are:

  1. App
  2. Phone
  3. SIP
  4. Websocket


  1. A User uses an App (Channel) to send in-app messages (Media) in a chat.
  2. A User uses a Phone (Channel) to receive Voice calls (Media) on their phone device.

It is then possible to mix Channels so that you can create:

  1. An App (Channel) makes a Voice (Media) call to a mobile Phone (Channel).
  2. A Phone (Channel) makes a Voice (Media) call to a Websocket (Channel).

The following table shows how each Channel supports each Media:

Channel In-app Messaging In-app Voice PSTN SIP Websocket In-app Video

You can send a type of Media through a Channel. Some Channels (such as App, can support multiple media types, for example In-app Messaging, In-app Voice and In-app Video).

The relationship between Media and Channels is illustrated in the following diagram:

Channels and Media
Channels and Media