Once you have created a Vonage Account you will be able to create multiple Vonage Applications. Each Vonage Application is identified by a unique Application ID.

A Vonage Application can contain a unique set of Users and Conversations.

This container hierarchy is illustrated in the following diagram:

Vonage Application
Vonage Application

Notice that the set of Conversations and Users is unique to the Application, so there can be no conflicts.

A Conversation API call such as List Conversations would have a URL such as:

So which Conversations would be retrieved?

The answer lies in the fact that each API call is authenticated using a JWT, and the JWT contains the Application ID of a specific Vonage Application. The Conversations returned would be those associated with the Application ID specified in the JWT.

Note that as a JWT is signed using the private key of the specific Vonage Application, the Conversation API is always authenticated to a specific Application. It is therefore not possible to use the Conversation API to look at the Conversations of an Application you do not have the private key for.