There are a number of shared concepts between the Vonage APIs: the use of JSON Web Tokens (JWTs), signed requests, and webhooks. The guides below explain in detail how to use these elements.


  • Applications - Security and configuration information you need to connect to Vonage endpoints.
  • Authentication – API keys and JSON Web Tokens (JWTs).
  • Signing messages – how to cryptographically sign messages and verify message signatures.
  • Webhooks – Vonage's API can send data back to your web server via a webhook.
  • OpenAPI – All Vonage APIs have OpenAPI descriptions that you can take advantage of in your own development process.
  • Glossary – A glossary of common terms used throughout the Vonage platform.

Number format

Within the Vonage APIs, all phone numbers are in E.164 format. This means that numbers:

  • Omit both a leading + and the international access code such as 00 or 001.
  • Contain no special characters, such as space, () or -

For example, a US number would have the format 14155550101. A UK number would have the format 447700900123.

If you are unsure how to format the number, the Number Insight API can be used to find correct information about a number.

See also Number format in the Voice API documentation.