Vonage CLI

The Vonage Command Line Interface (CLI) lets you manage your account and access Vonage APIs from the command line.


25 Feb 2022

  • fix: Args not found bug
  • fix(jwt): default A to full permissions
  • fix(sms): -h was throwing an error

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22 Feb 2022

  • chore(utils): Fix build issue with OutputArgs by @kellyjandrews in #47
  • fix(conversations): Correct conversations output and add tests by @kellyjandrews in #46
  • fix(applications): Add req'd inputs and fix usage by @kellyjandrews in #48
  • feat(sms): Add SMS plugin by @kellyjandrews in #49

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12 Jan 2022

This update includes a new command, numbers:update.

Currently allows updates of the inbound SMS url. Use vonage numbers:update -h for details on usage.

This also includes new testing harness and various bug fixes.