Vonage PHP SDK


11 Feb 2022

  • This release adds PSR/log support for v3 and higher, in line with both Symfony and Laravel codebases for compatibility.


3 Feb 2022

This minor release is a composer dependency change to allow either v1.0 or 2.0 of psr/container.

This is to allow upstream packages (such as nexmo-laravel) to resolve successfully.


26 Jan 2022

This release represents a major milestone, with several thousand lines of code marked deprecated being removed. It also contains some minor dependency changes and a bugfix. As deprecated code is being removed, please take careful note where you might be affected by any of the signatures that are no longer present.

As always, I will be on hand for support where implementations need workarounds - the most common will probably be using the toArray() methods on entities for backward compatibility.


  • #302 getCountryPrefix on an an Insights object is now returned as a string


  • Supported PHP versions are now 7.4, 8.0.X and 8.1.X psr/container now supported for v2
  • #307 Removed array access for the majority of entities
  • #305 Further removals of old code including Call and User clients, plus tests for them that are marked deprecated
  • #303 Now supports PSR logger v2