Vonage Java SDK


25 Aug 2022

  • Added convenience method to MessagesClient for using the Messages Sandbox endpoint
  • Added network field to VerifyResponse
  • Added missing documentation and validation to requests and responses in Verify API
  • Added estimated_price_messages_sent to CheckResponse and VerifyDetails
  • Updated VerifyStatus enum values
  • Fixed MessageResponseException deserialization when response body is empty
  • Fixed incorrect Content-Type header for verify and check endpoints
  • Deprecated request_type in VerifyRequest
  • Deprecated ip_address in CheckRequest


11 Aug 2022

  • Removed SMS Search API
  • Deprecated Redact client
  • Use vonage-jwt-jdk:1.0.2 library instead of nexmo-jwt-jdk:1.0.1
  • Ensure User-Agent is set in request headers
  • Allow alphanumeric characters for SMS and MMS sender fields in Messages API
  • WhatsappRequest sender must now be an E164 number
  • Fixed incorrect restrictions on WhatsappTemplateRequest
    • Policy is now optional
    • Default locale is now en
    • Locale is now an enum rather than String
    • parameters is now List<String>
  • Removed dependency on commons-io and commons-lang3
  • Ensured User-Agent is set in request headers
  • Added Premium text-to-speech flag in TalkAction NCCO
  • Removed support for legacy voiceName parameter
  • Updated SMS error status codes
  • Added support for voice payments using NCCO action
  • Updated NCCO classes
    • Fixed Action deserialization (issue #373)
    • Permit Object values for WebSocketEndpoint headers
    • Removed varargs headers method in WebSocketEndpoint.Builder
    • Made Builder constructors package-private
    • Added headers field to SipEndpoint
    • Use java.net.URI instead of String for URI fields
  • Updated Number Insight to be consistent with API specification
    • Deprecated IP Address
    • Added missing InsightStatus codes
    • Added documentation to Insight Response fields
    • Moved AdvancedInsight enums to separate files
    • Added real_time_data to AdvancedInsightResponse


20 Jun 2022

  • Added Messages v1 API implementation
  • Added get-full-pricing endpoint
  • Added Content-Type and Accept headers in requests where applicable
  • Substantial internal refactoring


14 Apr 2022

  • Added call_uuid to webhook call event.
  • Bumped dependency versions


28 May 2021

  • Adding Random From Number Feature for the Voice API, if set to true, the from number will be randomly selected from the pool of numbers available to the application making the call.
  • adjusting operator used to check json payloads
  • Adding extra parsing for top level Roaming Status in Advanced Number Insights


20 May 2021

Adding Inbound SMS message validation for JSON based POST requests


11 Mar 2021

  • Adding entityId and contentId fields to SMS messages for India's DLT compliance
  • Adding detail and detailEnum fields to call events, this will provide a switchable way for folks to view the newly minted details coming off of calls