Vonage DotNET SDK


25 May 2022

  • Reinstating .ToString method on Ncco class
  • Making Vonage serialization settings public
  • Removing VersionPrefix from project file as to not confuse
  • Renaming Number Insights methods so not confusing between async and Asynchronous


24 May 2022

  • Removing legacy Nexmo classes that have been marked as obsolete in previous versions
  • Renaming enums to use Pascal Case as is accepted practice
  • Moving serialisation settings to a single location
  • Adding methods for new Messages API (SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber)
  • Refactoring NCCO class to use List as it's base class
  • Misc. refactoring


20 Apr 2022

  • Real-Time data for advanced number insights
  • Unit Test refactoring
  • Authentication exceptions to give more information if incorrect authentication credentials are supplied


19 Jan 2022

  • NCCO Input "Type" property added to align with documentation


23 Nov 2021

  • Fixing an issue caused by the usage of a non thread safe Dictionary.


4 Nov 2021

  • Fixing issue with Advance Number Insights throwing an exception when status = not_roaming