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Use Web Components in Vue 2 and 3 + Composition API

Learn how to incorporate a Web Component into a Vue application. Examples will include Vue versions 2 and 3, plus the Composition API.

Building a Slack Clone Using Vue Part 1

Ever wanted to create a chat application like Slack? Learn to build a clone of Slack, using Vue.js and the Vonage Conversation API.

Build a Secure Video Appointments Application Using Vonage API

Follow this tutorial to create video appointments, send a message with an appointment link to the participants, and start a video conversation

Migrating React Components to Vue.js

We recently migrated a few components on the Vonage API Developer Portal from React to Vue.js. Learn more about why and how in this post.

Making Phone Calls from a Web Browser With Vue.js and Vonage

How to make a phone call from a web browser using Vue.js, Node.js, and Vonage's In-App Voice, to call any phone on the planet.