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Reconnecting Calls on Android and iOS

This post will cover how to mitigate call connection issues when using the Vonage Client SDK for Android and iOS.

How to send SMS Messages with Swift and Vapor using Async/Await

Use the new async/await feature from Swift 5.5 to send an SMS using the Vonage Messages API

Introducing the Vonage iOS Client SDK Video Tutorials

Video versions of our step by step Vonage iOS Client SDK tutorials are now available

Detecting Music With ShazamKit

In this tutorial, you will use ShazamKit to detect music playing and send it as a message to a chat with the Vonage Client SDK for iOS.

How to Make Video Calls with SwiftUI

Learn how to build a one-to-one video chat in SwiftUI using the Vonage Video Client SDK for iOS.

Building a Drop-in Audio App With SwiftUI and Vapor - Part 1

This two part tutorial will use the Conversation API with the Client SDK to build your very own drop-in audio app.

Handling VoIP Push Notifications with CallKit

In this tutorial, you will use CallKit to handle the VoIP push notifications sent to an iOS device when using the Vonage Client SDK for iOS

How to Add Two-Factor Authentication with Swift and Vapor

In this tutorial, you will use the Vonage Verify APIs and Vapor to implement 2FA then test it using an iOS application.

Build a UI in UITableView with Nexmo In-App Messaging

In this tutorial we will review how to integrate Nexmo Stitch's In-App Messaging into a UITableView.

Adding Phone and Biometric Verification to Your iOS Application

Learn how to add 3 types of two-factor authentication -- login, phone, and biometric -- to an iOS app using the Nexmo Verify SDK.