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Implement a Video API Application With React Hooks

How to use React Hooks to implement the Vonage Video API into your application.

Enable Live Captions in Vonage Video Using Symbl.ai

Add transcription and closed captioning to your Vonage Video application using Symbl.ai

Post-hackathon: The E-learning App Built With Video API

Weeks after the hackathon, the Tokyo Bootcamp students built another innovative project with the Video API.

Vonage Joins Code Chrysalis API Night Hackathon

In September 2021, Vonage and Code Chrysalis have teamed up for a special API Night Hackathon. Find out more!

Create a Multiparty Video App With the New Vonage Video Express

This blog post will help you develop a Multiparty Video Application based on ReactJS and the new Vonage Video Express.

How to Create a Loudness Detector Using Vonage Video API

Walkthrough on how to create a loudness detector and integrate it in your video platform.

How to Build a Learning Platform With React, Express and Apollo GraphQL

Build a learning platform with video/audio capabilities, SMS notifications, and passwordless authentication using React, Apollo GraphQL, and Vonage...

Using Web Components in a React Application

In this tutorial, we'll show you how custom web components can be embedded in a React application to make a call with the Vonage Voice API.

Migrating React Components to Vue.js

We recently migrated a few components on the Vonage API Developer Portal from React to Vue.js. Learn more about why and how in this post.

How to Add Video to Your React Chat App with Nexmo

Today, we’ll build something off of the chat application that was built in this introductory tutorial. That original app uses Nexmo’s Client SDK an...

How to Build a Dashboard of Live Conversations with Flask and React

Introduction to Vonage's Conversation API and how to build a dashboard application to view data connected to live conversations with Flask and React.

Create a Chat App with React and Nexmo

Add a chat application to your website using React and Nexmo's client-side JavaScript tooling, building on our Full-Stack App with React and Expres...

Create Custom Video Chat with React Components and Vonage

Learn how to use Vonage Video API's React Wrapper and break it up into modularized and reusable React components to embed into your React app.

Discover Your Twitter’s Positivity Score with React

Discover how to build a React app that analyzes the sentiment of your most recent tweet with the Nexmo Messages API and Microsoft Azure.

Build a Full Stack Nexmo App with Express and React

The Nexmo Node and JS Client SDKs along with Express and React can create a full-stack app as a basis for most things you may want from Nexmo in th...