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WordPress 2FA by Vonage is here!

Want Two-Factor Authentication on your WordPress site? We've got you covered!

Vonage at PHPUK 2022

Vonage went to and spoke at PHPUK 2022 in London. How was it? Find out more in this post!

Laravel 9: Strap In!

Another milestone hit in the Laravel journey. Find out what's new in Laravel 9!

Announcing the Vonage PHP Server SDK Version 3.0 Release

The Vonage PHP Server SDK Version 3.0 is here. Find out what's new!

Converting Your Test Suite to PEST

This article will look into changing your test PHP syntax to PEST, and attempt to automate switching

Scrub Up! Cleaning Your PHP Application With PHPStan

Learn what PHPStan can do for your legacy code: introducing compiler-like static analysis into your pipelines

Asynchronous PHP With Revoltphp & Vonage Voice API

Think async PHP doesn't exist? It sure does, and now it's native!

Random Facts Voice Call With PHP, Uselessfacts and AWS Lambda

Learn how to use PHP and AWS Lambda thanks to Bref, by using Vonage's API to handle outgoing voice calls and returning a random fact to the caller

Creating an Online Classroom in Laravel With Vonage Video API

Learn how to create a virtual classroom where the teacher can be in any location in the world and still teach student in real-time using Laravel an...

Using Vonage APIs with Drupal

In this tutorial Chris takes you through the process of setting up a new Drupal installation and creating modules to communicate with the Vonage APIs

How to Send WhatsApp Messages With Laravel

How to use the Vonage Messages API Sandbox to get your application set up to send WhatsApp messages with the Laravel 8 framework.

Announcing the PHP Server SDK Version 2.2.0 Release

I am happy to announce the release of version 2.2.0 of our PHP Server SDK for the Vonage APIs. While this is a minor release for the SDK, it is pac...

AWS Cognito Verify with PHP

Use AWS Cognito and Vonage API to create a user management system allowing a user to register, update their credentials, validate their identity, a...

Multi-Channel Tone Analysis in PHP with Amazon Comprehend

In this post, you'll update an AWS Lambda function introduced in a previous post where the results of a voice transcription get stored in RDS.

Voice Transcription Pipeline in PHP With Vonage

Create a collection of serverless functions in PHP to process Vonage Voice calls using Amazon Transcribe and store the transcripts in database.

Automated Message Migration From AWS SQS to DynamoDB

Enterprise applications experience a very high volume of notifications that can wreak havoc on applications. Rather than overloading an application...

Befriending Service with Symfony and Vonage

With the current global situation, most countries are in some form of lockdown. Social distancing is critical right now to reduce the impact of Cov...

Verify User Registrations with Symfony

Users registering with false information can be a pest, which is especially the case when registering with phone numbers that you expect to be cont...

Deploying an AWS Lambda Function for Vonage Voice Callbacks With PHP

Highlight how to deploy PHP application containing Vonage Voice callback to a AWS Lambda function that transcribes speech to text with Serverless f...

How Permissions Work in AWS Lambda

A general breakdown of how AWS Lambda function permissions work, granting access to other AWS services, without the need of using AWS IAM users.

AWS Lambda With PHP Using Bref And Serverless Framework

Example of how to deploy a PHP application to AWS Lambda using Bref.sh and Serverless framework.

AWS Transcribe With Nexmo Voice Using PHP

Using Amazon Transcribe for speech-to-text of voice messages from Nexmo Voice with PHP

Sentiment Analysis using IBM Watson Tone Analyzer in PHP

Tutorial showing how to use PHP to retrieve the sentiment analysis scoring of a Vonage SMS text message from IBM Watson Tone Analyzer.

Shipping Notifications on WordPress WooCommerce Powered by Nexmo SMS

Set up a simple integration between WordPress WooCommerce and Nexmo SMS to notify the customer (via SMS) when the shipping status of their order ch...

Creating a Phone Status Checker with Nexmo and PHP

Find out how to create an application using PHP and Nexmo’s Voice API

Incident Reporting with PagerDuty and Vonage

How to use Vonage to alert members of an engineering team whenever an incident occurs with Pager Duty and Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp

Forward a Call via Voice Proxy with PHP

Using a voice proxy can help you to hide a caller's identity. Find out how to build one using the Nexmo Voice API and PHP.

Build a Conference Call with the Nexmo Voice API and PHP

In this tutorial you will learn how to build a conference call "conversation" for multiple participants using PHP and Nexmo.

Play an Audio File Into a Voice Call With PHP

Create a more human sounding voice menus, or add quality hold music to voice calls by playing an audio file with Nexmo, PHP and this tutorial as yo...

How to Use The Number Insight API with PHP

Find out how to use the Nexmo Number Insight API with PHP to validate, gain useful insight and information about any phone number.

Building a Turkey Timer with Laravel, Facebook Messenger and Vonage

In this tutorial, we look at building a recipe chat-bot for Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, or Viber with Laravel PHP and the Vonage Messages API.

Queue Wait Time Notifications with Nexmo and Laravel Horizon

In this tutorial from Taylor Otwell and Nexmo learn how to configure Laravel Horizon to send an SMS when our queue wait time is above a given thres...

Sending SMS from PHP with Failover: The Cupcake Bakery

In this tutorial we'll look at how you can reach your customers in a manner that suits them using the new Vonage messages API

Anything-to-SMS with IFTTT and Nexmo

Receive SMS alerts for almost anything; new emails, calendar events, weather alerts and more. Learn how with Nexmo SMS API, IFTTT and serverless PHP

Record a Phone Message with PHP

Learn how to create an application that will allow you to record a voice call message.

Handle Keypad Input (DTMF) with PHP

Learn how to handle keypad input (DTMF) with PHP

Receive an Inbound Voice Call with PHP

Learn how to write a PHP application that handles inbound voice calls and returns a dynamic response using the Nexmo Voice API.

Receiving SMS Delivery Receipts with PHP

Learn how to receive SMS delivery receipts with PHP using the Vonage SMS API, which is very similar to receiving an inbound SMS message.

Receiving an SMS with PHP

Go from zero to being able to receive inbound SMS messages in your PHP application—in just 20 lines of code—with the Vonage SMS API.

Text-to-Speech Voice Calls with PHP

In this tutorial, we’re going to build a small Slim app that we can use to trigger an outbound phone call using the PHP client for Vonage.

Sending SMS Messages with PHP

The Vonage SMS API allows you to send an SMS and receive an SMS by interacting with a simple, HTTP based API. It supports standard messages, emoji ...

Announcing v1.0.0 of the Nexmo PHP Client Library!

Announcing the v1.0.0 release of the Nexmo PHP Client library

2FA Login with Laravel and Nexmo

Add 2-factor authentication to your Laravel application in 5 minutes using Nexmo Verify

Building Text Message Group Chat with the Nexmo SMS API and PHP

In this tutorial we're going to build a simple Text Message Group Chat using the Nexmo SMS API and the Nexmo PHP Client. We'll use MongoDB as our D...