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Office Hours Reservation Using Node.js and the Vonage Messages API

A web application that allows students to reserve office hour time slots with their professors. Once an office hour reservation is booked, the stud...

Auto Zoom and Center Published Video Calls with Vonage Video API

Learn how to automatically focus faces in video calls using the Vonage Video API and machine learning libraries.

Why Experience Composer API Is Great

Learn how the Experience Composer API can enhance video calls by capturing the look and feel of your web application using the Vonage Video API.

How Vonage Communications APIs Enable 21st Century Retail Experiences

Show Rooming is a growing concern for brick-and-mortar retailers. See how Vonage APIs can work together to provide a smooth in-person experience.

Send SMS Messages with Node.js | One Dev Minute

In this quick walkthrough, you'll learn how to send SMS messages with the Vonage Messages API and Node.js.

Receive SMS Messages With Node.js and Express | One Dev Minute

In this quick walkthrough, you'll learn how to receive SMS messages with the Vonage Messages API, Express and Node.js.

Receba Mensagens de SMS com Node.js e Express | One Dev Minute

Vamos receber mensagens usando Node.js, Express e a API de Mensagens da Vonage.

Envie Mensagens de SMS com Node.js | One Dev Minute

Este passo a passo rápido mostrará como enviar mensagens de SMS utilizando Node.js assim como a API de Mensagens da Vonage

Create an Emergency Broadcast System With Vonage, Node, and MongoDB

Learn how to build an emergency broadcast system to alert your friends and family via SMS in an emergency.

Improve Your Automatic Speech Recognition: Best Practices for IVRs

Automatic Speech Recognition is powerful, but tricky. Learn a few ways to increase your chances of success when creating IVRs with the Vonage Voice...

Restaurant Is Now Delivering: a Facebook Bot in Node.js

This JavaScript tutorial shows how to code a Facebook bot which tells a user whether a restaurant is currently delivering. Using Vonage API and Nod...

Introducing Distribution Ledger Technology - SMS Indian Regulation

A brief introduction into a new SMS regulation in India called DLT, as well as how to make use of this using Vonage APIs or Vonage SDKs.

Sentiment Analysis for Customer Experience With Python and Streamlit

Learn how to use Sentiment Analysis to improve your customer experience on Facebook with Python and Streamlit

Open Source Video Conferencing

Introducing Open Source Video Conferencing with WebRTC and Vonage Video APIs. Enabling you to host your own web-based video conferencing solution.

Minimizing Production Headaches with Log Tracing

How we used a node async wrapper to implement log tracing for the requests in our system, and how it substantially improved error investigations.

Create a Video Help Chat With Node.js and Svelte

Svelte is an approachable choice for building a video help chat in a component with the Vonage Video API, powered by Express on the backend. This t...

Build an Air Quality Reporting Service With Messages API

Learn how to build a service powered by Node.js and Vonage Messages API to send information about air quality over Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

Introducing the Vonage Reports API

The Vonage Reports API is a robust API that allows you to gather data about all of the activity that takes place across your account. In this post,...

Handling Unsupported Inbound Messages With the Messages API

Find out how to understand if a user or customer has sent you an unsupported message type, like a sticker, and handle it using the Messages API.

5 Ways To Make HTTP Requests In Node.js – 2020 Edition

Explore five of the most popular ways to make HTTP requests in Node.js in 2020, including Axios, SuperAgent, Node Fetch, and Got.

How to Send an SMS with Ionic

Learn how to build a cross-platform mobile application for sending SMS messages with the Ionic framework and a Hapi back end.

5 Ways to Build a Node.js API

5 ways to build lightweight Node.js APIs, using popular frameworks or Node's standard libraries.

Send Raspberry Pi IP Address on Boot in Node with Messages

Being a Raspberry Pi enthusiast, there have been several occasions where a reusable script is needed that I can use to improve my projects. A prime...

How to Add Two-Factor Authentication with Node.js and Express

Learn how to add 2FA to your application. This tutorial will cover how to implement a verification token system with Vonage Verify API and Express.js.

Comparing CLI Building Libraries

Whilst looking to rebuild our own Command Line Interface, we tested out some of the popular CLI building choices. Here's what we found.

Using Dialogflow with Firebase and the Vonage Messages Sandbox

Create a chatbot to interact with customers using Dialogflow and Firebase functions, then connect to Facebook Messenger with the Vonage Messages API.

Using a Message Queue With SMS For Throughput Limitations

Throughput limitation on SMS and slow request times add challenges for bulk sending. Learn how to address these factors with a message queue like A...

Messaging Everywhere With Node.js

See how useful WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger chat can be with the Vonage Messages API Sandbox, then start adding it to production alongsi...

Add SMS Verification in a React Native App Using Node.js and Express

Follow this tutorial to add SMS verification of user accounts to a React Native application using Node.js, Express, and the Vonage SMS and Verify A...

Home Surveillance System With Node and a Raspberry Pi

Have you ever wondered how to build a home surveillance system? Perhaps to monitor your children, supervise vulnerable people in their home, or to ...

How to Send a Facebook Messenger Message With Node.js

A quick guide to setting up an Express server for sending and recieving communication via Facebook Messenger, powered by the Vonage Messages API.

Stream Video Chat With Texting Using Vonage Video API

How to add the ability to watch a video chat stream and interact with each other via text chat with texting using Vonage Video API

Build a “Google Authenticator” from a Landline with Vonage

Learn how to build a Google Authenticator from a landline and access your 2FA passcode as a remote service with Vonage Voice API.

Connect to the Ethereum Blockchain with Node.js and Vonage

Build a basic Node.js chat application on the Ethereum Blockchain, using the Vonage Conversation API to emit and listen for events.

Manage a Pool of Phone Numbers With Node.js

Looking to redirect phone numbers on the fly? Find out how to manage a pool of phone numbers using the Vonage Number Management API and Node.js.

How to Send a Viber Message with Node.js

Find out how to send Viber messages using Node.js combined with the Vonage Messages API Sandbox to get you up and running quickly.

Add Texting Functionality to a Video Chat With Vonage Video API

In this second post of the series, we will add texting functionality to a basic video chat built with the Vonage Video API, and persist chat history.

How to Send a WhatsApp Message with Node.js

Find out how to send WhatsApp messages from your Node.js application quickly by making use of the Vonage Messages API Sandbox.

Build a Secure Video Appointments Application Using Vonage API

Follow this tutorial to create video appointments, send a message with an appointment link to the participants, and start a video conversation

Adding 2FA to a React App Using Firebase Function

This post covers how to verify your user's authenticity with Firebase functions from a React application using the Verify API from Vonage API service.

Create a Basic Video Chat with Vonage Video API

The Vonage Video API is robust and highly customisable. We will gradually build up the features of our application, starting with a basic audio-vid...

Using Apollo to Query GraphQL from Node.js

In this tutorial, we will use the apollo-client NPM package within Node.js to query and mutate third-party GraphQL endpoints.

Real-time SMS Demo with React, Node, and Google Translate

Learn more about building an application using WebSockets, Node and Google Translate to display real-time translations of incoming SMS text messages.

Save Received SMS Messages With Airtable and Node.js

Learn how to take text from inbound SMS messages and store them in Airtable using Express.js. This tutorial uses the Vonage Messages API.

How to Make and Receive Phone Calls with Nuxt.js

Make and receive phone calls using Node.js HTTP requests, Nuxt.js server middleware, a Vue.js Terminal UI, WebSockets and the Nexmo Voice API.

Chat Pagination with Infinite Scrolling

Learn how to add Infinite Scrolling to a message UI using JavaScript to support paginated messages from the Vonage Conversation Client SDK.

How to Send and Receive SMS Messages With Node.js and Azure Functions

In this article, you will learn how to send and receive SMS messages using Node.js, an Azure Function App, and the Vonage SMS API.

Nexmo’s Node.js Server SDK Added Support for Host Overriding

Nexmo has recently released v2.6.0 of our Node.js SDK and added the ability to change the host used for making the HTTP requests.

Forward Nexmo SMS to Slack using Express and Node

Using Node and Express, we’ll look at how we can automatically notify a Slack channel whenever a virtual number from Nexmo receives a text message.

Text Translation API Comparison

Translation APIs are essential for working with inbound/outbound messages. This is a comparison of the API offerings from Amazon, Google, IBM and M...

Verify Phone Numbers with Node-RED

In this tutorial we'll have a look at the Nexmo Verify API with Node-RED and explore a handy way of validating your users' phone numbers.

How to Send and Receive SMS Messages With Node.js and Express

An in-depth tutorial that demonstrates how to send SMS text messages and receive replies using the Vonage APIs, Node.js and the Express framework.

Keep Track of Your Budget with Dial YNAB

Make a call to find out your YNAB status with Node.js? Why not! Find our how to build everything you need to do this using Nexmo Voice API.

How to Make Text-to-Speech Phone Calls with Node-RED

In this tutorial, you'll learn about outbound calls and you'll make your first text-to-speech (TTS) phone call with Node-RED and the Nexmo Voice API.

How to Add Two-Factor Authentication with Node.js and Koa.js

In this tutorial you'll see how you can add two-factor authentication (2FA) to your web app using the Vonage Verify API and Node.js.

How to Send MMS Messages with Node.js

The Nexmo Messages & Dispatch API now allows you to send MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) from any US shortcode number you have in your dashboard...

Break Awkward Silences with Terrible Festive Jokes via SMS

Learn how to use the SMS API to break awkward silences with terrible festive jokes.

Last Christmas I Gave You My Charts A Number Insight Dashboard

Take a look at the example Number Insight Dashboard, how you can take it away and install it for your own use and later create new graphs and visua...

Send SMS when Typeform Is Submitted Using Node.js and Messages API

Join us to learn how to send a SMS when your Typeform is submitted using the Messages API and the Node.js framework Hapi.

Making Phone Calls from a Web Browser With Vue.js and Vonage

How to make a phone call from a web browser using Vue.js, Node.js, and Vonage's In-App Voice, to call any phone on the planet.

How to Show SMS Notifications in the Browser with Angular, Node.JS, and Ably

Use Node.js and Express to receive an SMS, send it via Ably to a web browser, and then use Angular to display it as a notification in a Single Page...

Proxy Voice Calls Anonymously with Express

In this tutorial, we'll learn how to create an anonymous voice proxy using Vonage Voice APIs, Nodejs, JavaScript and the Express framework. Protect...

Using AWS IoT Button and Nexmo to Make a Phone Call

Find out how I integrated the Nexmo Voice API and an Amazon IoT button to enable my son to make a phone call by clicking a button so he could walk ...

All You Need to Know About Sending/Receiving SMS with Node.js

The Nexmo DevRel team has been blogging tutorials about how to use the Nexmo SMS API to add programmable SMS to Node.js applications using Express.

How to Record Audio from Incoming Calls with Node.js

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use the Nexmo Voice API to record audio files from phone calls with a Node.js web application.

How to Handle Inbound Phone Calls with Node.js

Learn how to handle inbound phone calls and respond to them with a text-to-speech synthesized voice using the Nexmo Voice API w/ Node.js & Express.

How to Make an Outbound Text-to-Speech Phone Call with Node.js

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Vonage Voice API to create a text-to-speech outbound phone call securely

Send SMS Messages with Node.js and Express using the Vonage SMS API

A step-by-step tutorial on how to send SMS messages with Node.js and Express using the Vonage SMS API and Node.js client library.

Build an Interactive SMS Delivery Notifications System Using ExpressJS

Building an Interactive Delivery Notifications System using Node.JS, ExpressJS, ES2015 and the Nexmo SMS API