What Can I Do With MMS?

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Office Hours Reservation Using Node.js and the Vonage Messages API

A web application that allows students to reserve office hour time slots with their professors. Once an office hour reservation is booked, the stud...

How an SDK Can Add Value to REST APIs

This article provides an inside look into the design of the Java SDK's implementation of the Vonage Messages v1 API.

Builder Pattern With Inheritance in Java

This article demonstrates the Builder pattern within a class hierarchy, using the Messages API as an example

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Connect WhatsApp with Zendesk via Vonage Messages API to create and update tickets.

Q2 2022: Vonage Developer News Recap

Read what we've been up to in the second quarter of 2022. SDKs updates, developer events, integration and more!

The Vonage Messages API is Now in Our Server SDKs

Announcing that the Vonage Messages API has been added to Server SDKs for Ruby, Node, Python, PHP, Java, and .NET

Send SMS Messages with Node.js | One Dev Minute

In this quick walkthrough, you'll learn how to send SMS messages with the Vonage Messages API and Node.js.

Receive SMS Messages With Node.js and Express | One Dev Minute

In this quick walkthrough, you'll learn how to receive SMS messages with the Vonage Messages API, Express and Node.js.

Pushing On: A Retrospective of Q1 2022 at Vonage

Read what we've been up to in the first quarter of the year. Spoiler: it's a lot!

Receba Mensagens de SMS com Node.js e Express | One Dev Minute

Vamos receber mensagens usando Node.js, Express e a API de Mensagens da Vonage.

Envie Mensagens de SMS com Node.js | One Dev Minute

Este passo a passo rápido mostrará como enviar mensagens de SMS utilizando Node.js assim como a API de Mensagens da Vonage

Create an Emergency Broadcast System With Vonage, Node, and MongoDB

Learn how to build an emergency broadcast system to alert your friends and family via SMS in an emergency.

Send SMS and WhatsApp Messages in Salesforce With the Vonage APIs

Learn to install Vonage’s open source connector and Lightning component to allow you to send push notifications and perform 2-way SMS and WhatsApp ...

A Look Back at Some Highlights from Q4

A retrospective of some of the new features and product relaeses during Quarter 4 2021

Provisioning and Sending WhatsApp Stickers with Vonage APIs

Learn how to provision stickers for your Vonage WhatsApp business account, and how to send a sticker using the Vonage Messages API

Build an Appointment Scheduler using Node, Firebase, and Vonage

Learn how to build an appointment scheduler using Node.js, Firebase, Express and the Vonage Messages API

How to send SMS Messages with Swift and Vapor using Async/Await

Use the new async/await feature from Swift 5.5 to send an SMS using the Vonage Messages API

Testing External APIs in Ruby with Webmock and VCR

Testing external APIs comes with certain challenges. Ruby libraries like Webmock and VCR can help us overcome them.

Announcing Vonage Messages API Version 1.0

Version 1.0 of the Vonage Messages API is now live. This version brings a simpler API design and a number of new features.

Restaurant Is Now Delivering: a Facebook Bot in Node.js

This JavaScript tutorial shows how to code a Facebook bot which tells a user whether a restaurant is currently delivering. Using Vonage API and Nod...

Build a Web Application to Chat With Your Facebook Page Users

Use the the Client SDK's new Messages API integration to build a Web Application to chat with your Facebook Page users

How to Send SMS With Python, FastAPI and Vonage

This is a how to guide on sending an SMS with Python, FastAPI and Vonage. Buckle up and come on a fun adventure to learn how to send a text message...

State Machines for WhatsApp Messaging Bots with Node.js

Learn how to create a persistent state to build a Node.js state machine in a WhatsApp messaging bot server

Deploying PythonAnywhere With the Messages API

Learn how to deploy a Python application using Vonage's Messages API to PythonAnywhere.

Sentiment Analysis for Customer Experience With Python and Streamlit

Learn how to use Sentiment Analysis to improve your customer experience on Facebook with Python and Streamlit

Build a WhatsApp and Messenger GraphQL Bot To Find Hospital Beds

Using the Bedav API and the Vonage Messages API, build a chatbot that works with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger using JavaScript to help users sea...

Building Github Actions With the Vonage Messages API

GitHub Actions is a beautiful integration in GitHub which allows you to trigger actions based on specific events that occur. This can be useful for...

Build an Air Quality Reporting Service With Messages API

Learn how to build a service powered by Node.js and Vonage Messages API to send information about air quality over Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

How to Send WhatsApp Messages With Laravel

How to use the Vonage Messages API Sandbox to get your application set up to send WhatsApp messages with the Laravel 8 framework.

Respect API Rate Limits With a Backoff

Learn how to be a good API citizen by using backoffs to maximize your API call efficiency while also respecting rate limits.

Introducing Google Verified SMS with Vonage (Early Access)

Verified SMS is a feature provided by Google for Android phone users whereby SMS messages have their content verified on a per-message basis. When ...

Handling Unsupported Inbound Messages With the Messages API

Find out how to understand if a user or customer has sent you an unsupported message type, like a sticker, and handle it using the Messages API.

Build a Simple Customer Support Channel with WhatsApp

Determine between inbound customer support messages using emojis and this simple customer support channel application for WhatsApp.

Track Device Data in Real-time with Vonage Messages API and Ubidots

Use Ubidots and the Vonage Messages API to request data from your IoT device even when you don't have an internet connection.

Send Raspberry Pi IP Address on Boot in Node with Messages

Being a Raspberry Pi enthusiast, there have been several occasions where a reusable script is needed that I can use to improve my projects. A prime...

How to Receive an SMS Message with ASP.NET Core MVC and SignalR

Learn how to receive SMS Messages from the Vonage Messaging API using ASP.NET Core MVC and SignalR

Validating Inbound Messages From the Vonage Messages API

Learn how to use JWT bearer authorization and payload validation on webhooks to verify incoming messages from the Vongage Messages API.

Build a Serverless Eurovision Voting System with Node.js and Vonage

Are you a Eurovision fan? Follow this tutorial to learn how to build a fully-working voting system using Node.js, MongoDB, and the Vonage APIs.

Build an SMS Reminder Tool for Teachers Using Google Classroom

Build a Node.js application that interfaces with Google Classroom and the Vonage Messages API to notify students via SMS about upcoming assignments.

Using Dialogflow with Firebase and the Vonage Messages Sandbox

Create a chatbot to interact with customers using Dialogflow and Firebase functions, then connect to Facebook Messenger with the Vonage Messages API.

Messaging Everywhere With Node.js

See how useful WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger chat can be with the Vonage Messages API Sandbox, then start adding it to production alongsi...

How to Send a Facebook Messenger Message With Node.js

A quick guide to setting up an Express server for sending and recieving communication via Facebook Messenger, powered by the Vonage Messages API.

How to Allow Automated Ordering with WhatsApp and Node.js

With this tutorial you will learn how to build an automated ordering system for your prescriptions to the pharmacy with WhatsApp and Node.js

How to Send a Viber Message with Node.js

Find out how to send Viber messages using Node.js combined with the Vonage Messages API Sandbox to get you up and running quickly.

How to Send a WhatsApp Message with Node.js

Find out how to send WhatsApp messages from your Node.js application quickly by making use of the Vonage Messages API Sandbox.

Introducing the Messages API Sandbox

The Messages API Sandbox is a new way of developing and testing any application you want to build using WhatsApp, Viber, or Facebook Messenger via ...

Usando JWT para Autenticação em uma Aplicação Golang

Aprenda a criar um app em Go que cria e invalida tokens JWT para trazer autenticação a rotas protegidas.

在 Golang 应用程序中使用 JWT 进行身份验证

Learn how to create a Go application that creates and invalidates JWT tokens to bring authentication to protected routes.

Using JWT for Authentication in a Golang Application

Learn how to create a Go application that creates and invalidates JWT tokens to bring authentication to protected routes.

Save Received SMS Messages With Airtable and Node.js

Learn how to take text from inbound SMS messages and store them in Airtable using Express.js. This tutorial uses the Vonage Messages API.

Santa’s Nexmo Helper C# Advent Series

Create an FAQ bot for Santa that can be reached over, and respond to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS using Nexmo Messages API

Send Messages with Nexmo through Golang and AWS Lambda

Create an API using AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway that sends an SMS message with the Nexmo Messaging API, but with the Go programming language

“Hey Facebook, What Type of Dog Is That?” Adding ML to Messenger

Using ML.NET, we're going to build a powerful classifier and then using Nexmo's Messages API and Messenger we're going to create a powerful, easy t...

Sending GitLab CI Pipeline Notifications with Nexmo Messages

See how to improve the CI / CD process by including SMS notifications powered by Nexmo in the event of a failure

Build a Family Stand Up App with Vonage

A tutorial on how to use the Vonage Messages API to write an app that sends an SMS to family members asking for a weekly "Stand Up" report from the...

How to Send and Receive SMS Messages With Node.js and Express

An in-depth tutorial that demonstrates how to send SMS text messages and receive replies using the Vonage APIs, Node.js and the Express framework.

Send WhatsApp and SMS Messages from Marketo

In the tutorial, you will learn how to integrate Vonage Messages API in the Marketo Platform to send SMS and WhatsApp messages

Creating a Voice Chat Application with Vue.js and Express

Components in Vue.js make it easier to organize a UI for a Nexmo API Voice Chat Application by providing a pattern for templates and scripting Node...

Discover Your Twitter’s Positivity Score with React

Discover how to build a React app that analyzes the sentiment of your most recent tweet with the Nexmo Messages API and Microsoft Azure.

Integrating Multichannel Messaging into Salesforce

Add multichannel messaging into Salesforce with a single API. This demo walks you through integration of Nexmo Messages API for Salesforce and the ...

Break Awkward Silences with Terrible Festive Jokes via SMS

Learn how to use the SMS API to break awkward silences with terrible festive jokes.

Building a Turkey Timer with Laravel, Facebook Messenger and Vonage

In this tutorial, we look at building a recipe chat-bot for Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, or Viber with Laravel PHP and the Vonage Messages API.

Build an SMS Bot on Glitch with Hapi.js and the Nexmo Messages API

In this article we'll walk you through building an SMS bot on Glitch in JavaScript with Hapi.js and the Nexmo Messages API

Send SMS when Typeform Is Submitted Using Node.js and Messages API

Join us to learn how to send a SMS when your Typeform is submitted using the Messages API and the Node.js framework Hapi.

Sending SMS from PHP with Failover: The Cupcake Bakery

In this tutorial we'll look at how you can reach your customers in a manner that suits them using the new Vonage messages API