Using Experience Composer With Vonage Video API

This article will describe two applications of the many ways developers can use Experience Composer: publishing to a Vonage Video API Session and c...

Office Hours Reservation Using Node.js and the Vonage Messages API

A web application that allows students to reserve office hour time slots with their professors. Once an office hour reservation is booked, the stud...

Voice Enabling a Text-only Chatbot

Learn here how to add voice interaction to your existing text-only chatbot.

Two-way Messaging on Zendesk With Vonage Messages API

Connect WhatsApp with Zendesk via Vonage Messages API to create and update tickets.

Track Users Connections Using Video API and Session Monitoring

Session Monitoring offers reliable and secure connection monitoring in Vonage Video API. Developers can monitor server-side activity and verify eac...

Send SMS Messages with Node.js | One Dev Minute

In this quick walkthrough, you'll learn how to send SMS messages with the Vonage Messages API and Node.js.

Build a Breakout Room Application in JavaScript with Vonage Video API

This tutorial explains how to use the separate sessions to build the Breakout Room feature into our Demo Application, which

Receive SMS Messages With Node.js and Express | One Dev Minute

In this quick walkthrough, you'll learn how to receive SMS messages with the Vonage Messages API, Express and Node.js.

O Que São os Objetos de Controle de Chamadas (NCCOs)? | One Dev Minute

Aprenda sobre os objetos de controle de chamadas, que são um conjunto de ações que instruem o Vonage a controlar a chamada para seu aplicativo Vonage

Voice Transcription with Symbl.ai and the Vonage Video API

Today, we will be building live closed captioning into our SimplyDoc Telehealth Starter Kit using Symbl.ai’s streaming and insights API. Our video ...

Implement a Video API Application With React Hooks

How to use React Hooks to implement the Vonage Video API into your application.

Cosa Sono Gli Oggetti di Controllo delle Chiamate (NCCO) | One Dev Min

Benvenuti a One Dev Minute! L'obiettivo di questa serie di video è condividere informazioni in un formato velocemente consumabile.

Make Phone Calls With Microsoft Excel and Vonage Open ContactPad SDK

Walkthrough on how to use the Vonage Open ContactPad SDK in Microsoft Excel to make phone calls with Script Lab.

Send SMS and WhatsApp Messages in Salesforce With the Vonage APIs

Learn to install Vonage’s open source connector and Lightning component to allow you to send push notifications and perform 2-way SMS and WhatsApp ...

Build an Appointment Scheduler using Node, Firebase, and Vonage

Learn how to build an appointment scheduler using Node.js, Firebase, Express and the Vonage Messages API

Create a Personal Twitch with Vonage Video API and Web Components

By integrating the Client SDK UI Web Components into the Vonage Video API Broadcast Sample App, the user can live stream themselves along with gues...

Send and Receive SMS Messages with Firebase Functions | One Dev Minute

This quick walk-through will show you how to create an SMS message log and a response to the sender using Firebase Cloud Functions and the Real Tim...

Experience Spatial Audio with Vonage Video API

This tutorial will teach you to enable spatial audio (3D Audio) with the Vonage Video API using Javascript in the browser.

Restaurant Is Now Delivering: a Facebook Bot in Node.js

This JavaScript tutorial shows how to code a Facebook bot which tells a user whether a restaurant is currently delivering. Using Vonage API and Nod...

Call Control Objects (NCCOs) | One Dev Minute

Welcome to One Dev Minute! The goal of this video series is to share knowledge in a bite-sized manner. Let's learn about Call Control Objects.

Build a Web Application to Chat With Your Facebook Page Users

Use the the Client SDK's new Messages API integration to build a Web Application to chat with your Facebook Page users

Video Express Is Here and Why It Is Awesome!

The Vonage Video Express is here! Here are some advantages, code samples, demo application and other reasons to give it a try.

Generate and Assign Token Roles using the Video API | One Dev Minute

In this video Amanda Cavallaro, our developer advocate shows you how the token roles allow you to identify users and change the permission roles us...

State Machines for WhatsApp Messaging Bots with Node.js

Learn how to create a persistent state to build a Node.js state machine in a WhatsApp messaging bot server

Create Your First Chrome Extension in JavaScript to Hide Your API Keys

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a chrome extension. The example we will walk through today is to hide your Vonage API keys on the da...

Waiting Room and Pre-Call Best Practices With Vonage Video API

This tutorial will show you how to implement a waiting room (wait for the host to join). It also showcases best practices to improve the pre-call u...

Vonage JavaScript Client SDK v8 Released

Vonage JavaScript Client SDK version 8 release updates and changes.

Create a Balance Reminder with Vonage Account API and Google Apps

Learn to create a Vonage Account Balance reminder by integrating Vonage Account API with Google Apps Script.

How to Create a Loudness Detector Using Vonage Video API

Walkthrough on how to create a loudness detector and integrate it in your video platform.

Share Screens Together With Your Friends and Co-workers

Learn how to enhance Vonage Video's Basic Video Chat App with screen-sharing capabilities using HTML and javascript

Add SIP Calls to WebRTC Video Sessions

In this tutorial, we'll cover how to allow participants to join your Vonage Video API sessions via phone calls using SIP.

Ban the Trolls! Adding Moderation to the Video API

Bad actors can disrupt meetings and presentations if left to their own devices. Find out how to keep your Video API sessions safe for all.

Use Web Components in Vue 2 and 3 + Composition API

Learn how to incorporate a Web Component into a Vue application. Examples will include Vue versions 2 and 3, plus the Composition API.

Using Variables and Chaining Requests in Postman

Get the most out of variables and chaining requests in your Postman collection. Your dev community will thank you for it!

Creating a Web Component With Open-WC

Find out more about building, and publishing web components with Open-WC using this tutorial that creates a telephone keypad input.

Learn and Apply XState with Vonage Video

XState is a new way of representing state in front-end JavaScript applications. In this post, we introduce the concepts behind it to help you learn...

Use a Green Screen in Javascript With Vonage Video

Learn how to remove a green screen and replace it with a custom image that you can include in your video calls with Vonage Video API

Web Components Tools: A Comparison

Building Web Components can involve a lot of boilerplate code. Check out these Web Component tools for leaner code and more efficient workflow.

Broadcast Video Chat with Javascript and Vonage

This tutorial provides a deep dive into the Vonage Video API (formerly known as TokBox) using pure Vanilla JavaScript. Learn what you can do with it!

Build a “Google Authenticator” from a Landline with Vonage

Learn how to build a Google Authenticator from a landline and access your 2FA passcode as a remote service with Vonage Voice API.

Getting Started with Web Components

Looking at getting started using Web Components? This tutorial has interactive examples and code you can modify to see the results in real-time.

Build a Health Blog With Video Coaching Using Preact.js and Vonage

Learn how to build a health blogging app step-by-step by using Preact CLI's Netlify CMS template then add live video coaching functionality with Vo...

Sentiment Analysis With Azure Face API and Vonage

You know that person who says one thing, but their face says something different. With Azure Face API and Vonage we can find out what they really m...

Nexmo’s Node.js Server SDK Added Support for Host Overriding

Nexmo has recently released v2.6.0 of our Node.js SDK and added the ability to change the host used for making the HTTP requests.

Create a Simple Messaging UI with Bootstrap

The design-web is awash with all sorts of examples of messaging UIs, but developers lack choice on frameworks. You can use basic Bootstrap componen...

Register to Chat with Typeform

Learn how to build registration for chat with Conversation API and Client SDK, using Nexmo Client Library for Node.js and Typeform

Integrating the Conversation API with WeChat

How to use the Vonage Conversation API to establish an external communication channel with your application, such as popular service WeChat.

How to Send and Receive SMS Messages With Node.js and Express

An in-depth tutorial that demonstrates how to send SMS text messages and receive replies using the Vonage APIs, Node.js and the Express framework.

Create a Chat App with React and Nexmo

Add a chat application to your website using React and Nexmo's client-side JavaScript tooling, building on our Full-Stack App with React and Expres...

Creating a Voice Chat Application with Vue.js and Express

Components in Vue.js make it easier to organize a UI for a Nexmo API Voice Chat Application by providing a pattern for templates and scripting Node...

Checking the London Tube Status with Vonage's SMS API

How to build an application that allows you to check the status of a given line of the London Underground using the Vonage SMS API.

Create Custom Video Chat with React Components and Vonage

Learn how to use Vonage Video API's React Wrapper and break it up into modularized and reusable React components to embed into your React app.

Building a JavaScript Hotline with OpenTok and Node.js

OpenTok makes it quick to get started with video chat between two participants. With some queueing in Node.js you can create a JavaScript hotline i...

Building a Check-In App with Nexmo’s Verify API and Koa.js

This tutorial will take you through how to build a basic check-in app involving 2 parties with Nexmo's Verify API. Source code can be remixed from ...

Creating a Complex IVR System with Ease with XState

In this post we’ll see how to create very complex and elaborate IVR systems while keeping the code simple and easy to maintain

Trusted Group Authentication with SMS and Express

How to use Node.js and Express in combination with the Nexmo Verify API to build an app that allows trusted groups of friends to easily authenticat...

How to Receive Phone Calls with Node-RED

In this tutorial, you'll learn about handling inbound calls using Node-RED and the Nexmo Voice API.

How to Receive SMS Messages with Node-RED

In this tutorial, you will learn about receiving SMS messages with the Vonage SMS API, by implementing a webhook endpoint using Node-RED.

Connecting WebRTC and PSTN with OpenTok and Nexmo

In this tutorial you'll see how to add the ability to dial in voice calls (PSTN) to your video stream by using OpenTok, Nexmo, JavaScript and Node.js

Build an Interactive Voice Response Menu using Node.js and Express

This tutorial shows you how to build interactive voice reponse menus for your application using Nexmo, Node.js and the Express framework.

Snapchat Style Filters with Tracking.js and Vonage

Add facial tracking using Tracking.js and create some cool OpenTok.js Snapchat style filters for a video stream. Be Batman or just freak some peopl...

Create Custom Voicemail with Node.js, Express and Socket.io

Nexmo's Voice API lets you record a call, and with the help of Express and Socket.io you can deliver that recording to your own custom voicemail in...

Announcing the Nexmo Node-RED Package

The Nexmo Node-RED package enables you to create flows for autoresponders, phone call IVRs, phone number verification, and sending SMS to multiple ...

Stream Audio into a Phone Call with Node.js

In this blog post you will learn how to play an audio file into an active call programmatically, using the Vonage Voice API and Node.js.

Send SMS from a Spreadsheet

Send SMS from a spreadsheet and help Nelly holla back at Kelly Rowland in this tutorial from Katie McLaughlin. Creating an SMS client in Google sheets

SMS in the Browser: An Adventure in WebSockets

Create your own SMS client to view messages in realtime in the browser with this WebSockets, Koa.js, JavaScript, Glitch and Nexmo tutorial

Build a Video Chat Application with OpenTok and Nexmo In App Messaging

Find out how to create a Video Chat Application with In-App Messaging in this tutorial using JavaScript, OpenTok and Nexmo APIs

Publishing Custom Video Streams with the OpenTok API

Learn how you can modify a video stream in the browser with this tutorial on the OpenTok API, canvas and JavaScript

Santa Delivery Notifications via Facebook Messenger

In this tutorial we find out how to use geolocation and the Nexmo Dispatch API to send notifications via Facebook Messenger

Break Awkward Silences with Terrible Festive Jokes via SMS

Learn how to use the SMS API to break awkward silences with terrible festive jokes.

Build an SMS Bot on Glitch with Hapi.js and the Nexmo Messages API

In this article we'll walk you through building an SMS bot on Glitch in JavaScript with Hapi.js and the Nexmo Messages API

MultiTrack Call Transcription with Split Recording

Build a node.js app with the Nexmo Voice API to connect multiple parties and record the conversation via split recording, one participant in each c...

Build a Facebook Messenger Bot with Messages API and Dialogflow

Learn how to implement a Facebook Messenger bot on your Facebook page using the Vonage Messages API and the Google Dialogflow service.

How to Show SMS Notifications in the Browser with Angular, Node.JS, and Ably

Use Node.js and Express to receive an SMS, send it via Ably to a web browser, and then use Angular to display it as a notification in a Single Page...

How to Connect a Phone Call to Nexmo In-App Voice

This Nexmo Voice API tutorial walks through how to forward an incoming call from a virtual phone number to an in-app voice user by implementing a W...

Nexmo Verify API Implementation Guide

This implementation guide will instruct you on how to set up a server to use the Nexmo Verify API for two-factor authentication (2FA) with your iOS...

Getting Out of a Bad Date (with Fitbit and Nexmo)

You've been set up for a blind date, but your date is terrible. You need to get out of this date, fast. Don't shout, "What's that?" and run out of ...