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Announcing the Vonage Java SDK v7.0.0

Version 7.0.0 of the Vonage Java SDK is now available! This post describes the changes and what to expect in the near future.

How an SDK Can Add Value to REST APIs

This article provides an inside look into the design of the Java SDK's implementation of the Vonage Messages v1 API.

Builder Pattern With Inheritance in Java

This article demonstrates the Builder pattern within a class hierarchy, using the Messages API as an example

Build an SMS Web Service With Java

Learn how to build an SMS Web Service using JDK 11, Gradle 7.1, Gretty 3.0.5 and the Vonage Java SDK

How to Add Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Using Java and Spark

In this tutorial you'll see how to quickly add two factor authentication (2FA) to your Java application using the Vonage Verify API and Spark.

How to Create a Conference Call with Java

Planning a party with a group of friends? Creating a conference call with Java can help connect you to multiple people at the same time.

Play an Audio File Into a Voice Call with Java and Spark

This tutorial shows you how to stream audio into a call using the Nexmo Voice API.

Receiving SMS Delivery Receipts with Java and Spark

Many networks that Nexmo uses to carry your message will provide a delivery receipt. Here's how to get set up to receive them using Java and Spark.

How to Build a Simple IVR with Java and the Spark Framework

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a key part of many customer facing phone systems. This tutorial shows you how to build one using Java and Spark.

Forward a Phone Call via Voice Proxy with Java

Need to receive phone calls but don't want everybody on the internet knowing your phone number? Learn how the Nexmo Voice API can keep your number ...

Make Text-to-Speech Phone Call with Java

Making a phone call manually is old news. In this tutorial, learn how to utilize the Vonage Java Client Library to make a Text-to-Speech phone call.

Build a Full Stack Nexmo App with Express and React

The Nexmo Node and JS Client SDKs along with Express and React can create a full-stack app as a basis for most things you may want from Nexmo in th...

Record a Phone Message with Java

Sometimes you're not around to answer the phone when it rings. Learn how to enable your callers to record a phone message utilizing Java and Vonage.

Tracking Santa with SMS and Java

Use Number Insight to detect a user's country and provide information on how far Santa is from their house via SMS with Java in this Christmas tuto...

Version 4 of the Nexmo Java Client Library Is Here

Version 4.0.0 of the Nexmo Java Client Library brings a couple of backwards compatibility breaks but a whole host of shiny new features.

Creating a Websocket Server With the Java API for Websockets

Learn how to create a WebSocket server that can receive both binary and text messages, using the Java API for WebSockets, Gradle, Gretty and Tomcat.

Creating a WebSocket Server with the Spark Framework

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a WebSocket server using Spark which can receive both binary and text messages.

Creating a WebSocket Server with Spring Boot

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a WebSocket server using using Spring Boot which can receive both binary and text messages.

Creating a Caller ID with Number Insight and Java

Knowledge is power! Get insight into your callers and create a Caller ID application using Java and the Nexmo Number Insight APIs.

Handle Keypad Input (DTMF) with Java

Create an application that can receive a phone call, capture user input, and respond with that input using the Nexmo Voice API.

How to Receive SMS Messages with Java

You can easily receive SMS messages with the Vonage SMS API. This tutorial shows you how to do that with our client library for Java.

How to Send SMS Messages With Java

Send SMS messages with Java and the Vonage Java SDK. This tutorial uses JDK 16 and Gradle 7.1

Big Changes for Nexmo’s Java Client Library

On Thursday, we released version 2 of our Nexmo Java Client library. This new release incorporates a few months of work, and is incompatible with a...

Full Voice API Support Coming in Nexmo Java Client v2.0

Announcing the snapshot release of v2.0 of the Nexmo Java client library with full Voice API support available via Gradle or Maven.