Re-Building a “Dead” Tech Community

Tips and lessons about rebuilding a dormant tech community. In this example, a Ruby on Rails meetup group

Happy Holidays From the Dev Rel Team at Vonage

We wish you all a very happy holiday season! Join us as we take a look at some of our exciting content from 2021.

The Self-Taught Developer Relations Engineer

Everything you need to know about starting a career in developer relations.

My First Month in DevRel

Amanda is completing one month working as a developer advocate at Vonage. She shares some insights on what the journey has been like so far and som...

Vonage Developer Relations in 2020

A year in review. What did the Vonage Developer Relations team achieve in 2020?

Taking Time for Yourself, Code-Wise

What makes a good SDK? This post discusses places to be more modern and agile, and updates we have made to provide a better UX for the Vonage SDKs.

Send and Receive SMS Messages with Firebase Functions

Learn how to create an SMS message log and a response to the sender using Firebase Functions and Firestore alongside the Vonage SMS API.

The Ultimate DevRel Guide To Travel

Discover the ultimate travel tips and hacks, to make your travel more fun and bearable, from an award-winning team that is always on the move.

One Year of Developer Relations at Nexmo

An insight into the first year of the Developer Relations team at Nexmo