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How to Build a Video Moderation Application with AWS Rekognition

Learn how to implement a Video Moderation application using Vonage Video API and AWS Rekognition

Processing Voice Calls With Amazon Transcribe & Comprehend

Learn how to set up an Amazon Transcribe and Comprehend reference with Vonage's Voice API

Random Facts Voice Call With PHP, Uselessfacts and AWS Lambda

Learn how to use PHP and AWS Lambda thanks to Bref, by using Vonage's API to handle outgoing voice calls and returning a random fact to the caller

Connecting Voice Calls to an Amazon Lex Bot

This tutorial will help you to start with an example Amazon Lex bot and interact with it from Voice Calls using provided sample reference codes usi...

How to Make Phone Calls With SwiftUI

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Vonage Client SDK with Swift UI to create an interface that allows you to make phone calls in your applic...

AWS Cognito Verify with PHP

Use AWS Cognito and Vonage API to create a user management system allowing a user to register, update their credentials, validate their identity, a...

Automated Message Migration From AWS SQS to DynamoDB

Enterprise applications experience a very high volume of notifications that can wreak havoc on applications. Rather than overloading an application...

Using Amazon SQS for Queuing Messages Using AWS Lambda and Python

Create a serverless microservice on AWS Lambda using this Python application available on Github that uses Flask, and Serverless.

Creating a Video Session in AWS Lambda With Python

This example application provides the first steps required to utilize the Vonage Video API. This microservice enables applications to request a vid...

Number Verification in Python with AWS Lambda and Vonage

Find out how you can verify phone numbers by using the Vonage Verify API as a microservice deployed to AWS Lambda for Python.

Deploying an AWS Lambda Function for Vonage Voice Callbacks With PHP

Highlight how to deploy PHP application containing Vonage Voice callback to a AWS Lambda function that transcribes speech to text with Serverless f...

How Permissions Work in AWS Lambda

A general breakdown of how AWS Lambda function permissions work, granting access to other AWS services, without the need of using AWS IAM users.

Serverless Python With AWS Lambda

How to create a Python serverless AWS Lambda function and HTTP function using the Serverless framework for automated deployment or the AWS Console.

AWS Lambda With PHP Using Bref And Serverless Framework

Example of how to deploy a PHP application to AWS Lambda using Bref.sh and Serverless framework.

AWS Transcribe With Nexmo Voice Using PHP

Using Amazon Transcribe for speech-to-text of voice messages from Nexmo Voice with PHP

Send Messages with Nexmo through Golang and AWS Lambda

Create an API using AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway that sends an SMS message with the Nexmo Messaging API, but with the Go programming language

Translate SMS Messages Using Amazon Translate

Create an inbound Vonage SMS webhook and translate the message into English using the AWS Translate.

Transcribe a Conference Call Using Amazon Transcribe and Vonage

Automatically transcribing a conference call is easier now than it's ever been. We created a demo that shows how to do this with Amazon Transcribe.

Text to Speech with Prompt Calls, Using Python on AWS Lambda

In this Nexmo Voice API tutorial, you will learn how to use Python on AWS Lambda to place a text to speech call that plays a message to a recipient...

Building an SMS to Google Sheets Application with AWS Lambda

We show you how to capture SMS Messages sent to a number and log those into a google spreadsheet without a dedicated server.