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Auto Zoom and Center Published Video Calls with Vonage Video API

Learn how to automatically focus faces in video calls using the Vonage Video API and machine learning libraries.

Vonage AI Studio in Developer Preview

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A Developer’s Primer on AI Terminology

Bots, AI, Machine Learning, Digital Assistants. Are they all the same thing? What are the differences? We explore AI terminology.

Nexmo Integrations with AI Vendors for Real-Time Intelligence

Nexmo enables rapid, agile innovation, allowing you to combine AI and communications solutions for real-time intelligence.

The Future of Bots: Voice as the Primary Computer Interface

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Will AI-powered personal assistants know users well enough to make relevant, personalized recommendations? WIll they become a channel for advertisers?

Will Bots Give Rise to Voice SEO and Bidding on Spoken Queries?

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Bots and AI: User Privacy in Environments Where Bots Are Listening

How do AI bot developers balance the need for user privacy against the value of organic user data?

Bots and AI: Voice vs. Text for Your AI Bot Interface

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Bots and AI: The Current State of Technical Maturity

Leading developers discuss the current state of bots and AI from a technology standpoint, separating the reality from the marketing.