10 Awesome Sites That Every Developer Should Visit (At Least Once)

An awesome collection of 10 sites that EVERY developer should visit (at least once)

Crash Course: Create Virtual Agents for WhatsApp with Vonage AI Studio

An overview of creating automated WhatsApp conversation flows with Vonage AI Studio. Learn about the different message types and use cases.

What Can I Do With MMS?

An overview of the MMS channel of the Vonage Messages API, with a walkthrough of an example application which uses the Ruby SDK to send an MMS imag...

Choose Your Own Adventure With Vonage AI Studio

Exploring the tools and features of Vonage AI Studio by creating a fun adventure game

How Vonage Communications APIs Enable 21st Century Retail Experiences

Show Rooming is a growing concern for brick-and-mortar retailers. See how Vonage APIs can work together to provide a smooth in-person experience.

The Ultimate List of iPhone App Ideas

Are you looking for inspiration for your next iPhone app? This article will help you come up with your next big iPhone app idea!

New Year, New Rails

Some personal impressions of the Rails 7 release. TLDR: I'm excited!

Create a Personal Twitch with Vonage Video API and Web Components

By integrating the Client SDK UI Web Components into the Vonage Video API Broadcast Sample App, the user can live stream themselves along with gues...

WCAG: How to implement web accessibility

Learn how to improve your application's accessibility by making it WCAG compliant

The Self-Taught Developer Relations Engineer

Everything you need to know about starting a career in developer relations.

The Ultimate List of Ideas for Your Next Hackathon

Looking for hackthon ideas for your next big hackathon? Here are 31 ideas for projects to help get you inspired!

10 Minutes of Killer Python Inspiration With Influencer Mike Driscoll

A conversation with Python author and influencer Mike Driscoll will leave you inspired.

Hacktoberfest Do's and Don'ts

Hacktoberfest is a yearly month-long event where developers contribute to participating open-source projects for a chance to win swag.

The Coder's Guide to SMS

In this guide, you will learn what SMS is, how companies are using it, the difference between SMS, MMS, and OTT, and more!

The Functions That Aren't Pure

Learn about the functional programming paradigm, pure functions vs impure functions, obvious and sneaky side effects of impure functions..

A Better Way of Creating Android Views with JetPackCompose

An introduction to JetPackCompose, a modern way of building Android Views

Best Practices to Get Started With Vonage Video

Best practices we recommend for consideration, before you start building your feature-rich video application powered by Vonage Video API.

Vonage Videoのベストプラクティス

Vonage Video APIを活用した豊富な機能を備えるビデオアプリケーションの構築を開始する前に、Vonageが推奨するベストプラクティスを説明します。

The Ultimate List of Fun APIs For Your Next Coding Project

The ultimate list of fun APIs you may not have heard of. Find here some awesome APIs you can use for your next coding project

Visual Studio Code Extensions To Enhance Productivity in 2021

A list of Visual Studio Code extensions that are suitable for all languages that will help you save time and enhance productivity

All I Want For Christmas Is Ruby 3

The upcoming release of Ruby 3 includes many things to be excited about, including Ruby Signatures, Ruby Actors, and more pattern matching.

Use Web Components in Vue 2 and 3 + Composition API

Learn how to incorporate a Web Component into a Vue application. Examples will include Vue versions 2 and 3, plus the Composition API.

5 Ways To Make HTTP Requests In Node.js – 2020 Edition

Explore five of the most popular ways to make HTTP requests in Node.js in 2020, including Axios, SuperAgent, Node Fetch, and Got.

5 Ways to Build a Node.js API

5 ways to build lightweight Node.js APIs, using popular frameworks or Node's standard libraries.

Learn and Apply XState with Vonage Video

XState is a new way of representing state in front-end JavaScript applications. In this post, we introduce the concepts behind it to help you learn...

7 App Ideas to Build At Work (and 7 to Build At Home)

Explore 14 exciting app ideas that we hope will help you create or enhance communications between you and your peers, loved ones, or clients.

Using GitHub Repository Guidelines to Enhance Developer Experience

We care about Developer Experience, so we produced and shared the repository guidelines that we use to welcome developers to our GitHub repos.

What Makes an API Product Successful?

In this post, Lorna Jane Mitchell highlights the key points that make an API product successful, as outlined in the 2019 API The Docs talk by Antho...

A Developer’s Primer on AI Terminology

Bots, AI, Machine Learning, Digital Assistants. Are they all the same thing? What are the differences? We explore AI terminology.

cURL, HTTPS and the Nexmo SMS API - Behind the Scenes

In this tutorial we'll look behind the scenes at what happens when you issue a cURL request to Nexmo. What does your computer do? What does the ser...

The Future of Bots: Voice as the Primary Computer Interface

[Video] Bots and AI will usher in an era where voice becomes the primary computing interface—and it’ll happen faster than you think. Will brands be...

Will Bots Give Rise to Voice SEO and Bidding on Spoken Queries?

As voice bots increasingly make recommendations on buying decisions, businesses will do all they can to get their products and services suggested t...

Developer Tooling for AI Bots: Where Are We?

[Video] Bot developers from Microsoft, Opearlo, and The Bot Platform discuss the developer tooling for bots and the bot deployment process.

The Promise and Challenge of Cross platform Bot Development

[Video] Bot builders from Microsoft, Opearlo, and Nexmo talk about how developers should tackle cross-platform bot development challenges.

Real-Time Web Apps and .NET. What Are Your Options?

So many applications now offer some form of real-time UX and real-time functionality is becoming increasingly essential as technology trends evolve...