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Chris is the Senior PHP Developer Advocate and Server SDK Initiative Lead. He has been programming for more than 15 years across various languages and types of projects from client work all the wa...

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VOICE 2022 Hackathon with Vonage and

Last updated on Sep 27, 2022

Vonage is pleased to share that it is partnering with, a conversational intelligence API, to run a hackathon from September 12, 2022, until October 10, 2022. The hackathon is active right now, and we will be providing space at VOICE 2022 in Arlington, VA, as part of the VOICE 2022 conference! If that's all you need to know, head to the Hackathon page to register!

Who is is a conversational intelligence API that allows you to process audio, video, and raw text to pull out meaningful information. While you can do text transcription, their API also enables you to find topics discussed, questions asked, and contextual information about a conversation. Suppose you just had a meeting. You can send the video to and have them pull out the essential topics and questions to build meeting notes for you.

The APIs can be used in real-time through streaming audio to their platform, or you can submit files and text asynchronously and let them process it. Just like Vonage's APIs, they utilize simple HTTP connections to interact with their API and provide a JavaScript SDK for client applications and Node.js and Python SDKs for server-side applications.

Find out more about and its platform at

What is VOICE 2022?

VOICE 2022 brings together top industry leaders and innovators that work with conversation AI. As more and more interactions move to chat and automated systems, conversational AI is becoming a more important component of how companies interact with their customers. Conversational AI can be used to give customers topical, instant information without the need to talk to a human being and can be paired with a variety of software applications like virtual assistants.

VOICE 2022 takes place in Arlington, VA, on October 10, 2022, until October 12, 2022. It will be three days with well-known companies providing valuable sessions and workshops to help you implement conversational AI into your workflows.

If you are interested in attending VOICE 2022, head over to their website at

VUX World at VOICE

Vonage also sponsors VUX World, a side track on October 11 that runs from 11 am until 5 pm at VOICE 2022. Join VUX and to get an end-to-end story about call center AI automation. If you have had bad experiences with voice and chatbots in the past, learn from others how you can avoid the pitfalls others have made.

What about this Hackathon?

We want to see what awesome software you can make that utilizes the Vonage Communications Platforms and Vonage is a great choice for connecting with your customers, while can automatically provide additional information about those conversations. We want to see how you can use both to make a great product for your customers.

We have four categories we are throwing out there to pique your interest:

  • Automation/Productivity - Leverage conversation data to increase productivity and/or create a unique automation workflow.
  • Content Moderations - Enhance automated moderation beyond just scanning keywords, but also identify contextually relevant phrases, sentiments, and profanity.
  • Intent Detection - Identifying speaker intent and interest by analyzing the transcript and context in real time.
  • Call Coaching - Analyze conversations to improve user interactions over live chats, phone, and other digital communications at scale.
  • Dream Big - Build the most amazing Contextual AI-driven app that does not yet exist on the market and solves a problem no one has yet to solve. It does not have to be business related or specific to common conversation AI use cases.

Chris Tankersley, Senior Developer Advocate from Vonage, and David vonThenen, Principal Developer Advocate from, will be judging entries. They will present the winners at VOICE 2022 and will be on-site to help participants with any questions and provide any help with using either the Vonage or APIs.

For more information including prizes, submission instructions, and registration, head on over to the VOICE 2022 Hackathon page.