Chris Tankersley

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Chris is the Senior PHP Developer Advocate and Server SDK Initiative Lead. He has been programming for more than 15 years across various languages and types of projects from client work all the wa...

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Chris Tankersley Re-Joins the Developer Relations Team!

Last updated on Jun 06, 2022

I'm back!

For those that are new, my name is Chris Tankersley. I was previously the PHP Developer Advocate, which means James Seconde got to finish all of the things that I left on his plate (of which he's done a great job - especially finishing up the PHP SDK v3.0 release). During my previous tenure at Vonage, I was also the Server SDK Developer Initiative lead and helped all the language developer advocates as well as guided much of the work and upkeep on our server-side SDKs. It's been great to know that in my absence the team has continued to put out what I consider world-class SDKs for our developers.

I have worked in a variety of industries and bring back my twenty-plus years of development experience and a multitude of years helping build up the PHP community's developers through a variety of technologies. Vonage's developer advocate roles let me continue to work with developers, help them solve their problems, and find ways to make Vonage APIs more useful. As part of the new Integration team, I will be working with my old PHP community as well as others to bring together Vonage with not only the tools our customers are already using but finding new tools and products to complement our offerings.

Outside of programming, I am the author of both "Docker for Developers," an introductory guide for PHP developers into the world of Docker, as well as the author of "The Dev Lead Trenches" which aims to bring useful information to lead developers on any kind of team. I spend much of my time playing various video games and table-top role-playing games. I'm also severely addicted to Magic the Gathering, much to my wallet's chagrin.

If you are looking for any help integrating Vonage with any other products, feel free to reach out to me. We have a lot of great plans over the next year, but as always my main focus is helping out developers solve their problems. I look forward to another great time at Vonage.