Zachary Powell

Sr Android Developer Advocate

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Zachary Powell Joins the Developer Relations Team

Last updated on Mar 21, 2022

Hello! My name is Zachary (Or Zach, or even Zac!) and I am excited to announce that I have joined Vonage as the new Sr Android Developer Advocate.

I've had a love for Android throughout my whole career, having started as a freelance Android developer back in 2009. It all started with my first smartphone the HTC Magic (T-mobile myTouch 3G), with its massive 192 MB of RAM and 528 MHz single-core ARM CPU we finally had an open mobile platform to build real applications on!

Fast forward to the start of 2021 when I made the move into DevRel, the next big leap in my career, moving away from the world of being a software engineer and moving into the world of... well educating software engineers! It was this jump that made me realise that while I loved writing code I also love teaching, presenting, creating content and all the other wonderful things that makeup being a Developer Advocate.

Outside of work and software development for a very long time my hobbies were more software development. Over the years I have helped run a range of open-source projects and always loved the community aspects of open source. However in more reason years, particularly during the pandemic, I developed an interest in painting miniatures (Warhammer). The focus required helps me "switch off" and relax and it provides an interesting creative outlet.

So what will I be doing as Sr Android Developer Advocate I hear you ask? Well, lots! I will be working closely with both Android communities and internal developer teams to make sure we can make the very best Android SDK for Vonage services. We already have some great SDKs and documentation and I will help maintain these while creating new content to help you make the very best use of Vonage services within your Android applications.

What kind of content? That's what I'm excited to start figuring out. Of course, I will be continuing my social media accounts (DevWithZachary almost everywhere!), so if you are not already make sure to check out my Twitter and TikTok. But I will also be working on new blog posts, new sample applications and of course heading to events and meetups to present, share ideas and build connections.

I look forward to the adventure ahead of me here at Vonage!