Matt Hunt

Former Vonage Team Member

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Matt Hunt Joins the Developer Relations Team

Last updated on Oct 21, 2021

Hi, I’m Matt and I don’t like cheese. What I’ve loved from an early age though are computers and technology. I remember getting my first computer when I was around 7 years old; a second hand Commodore 16, the future had arrived and I was hooked!

For roughly 15 years give or take I’ve been a software developer, mainly specialising in C# and previous to that a network administrator, but recently I’ve noticed that I’ve been drawn more and more towards advocacy. I love passing on my knowledge or at least helping people discover their own. Some years on from those Commodore days and having thought about this career move for some time, I’ve just started a new chapter in my life as a Developer Advocate here at Vonage.

Pre-Covid (COVID19 Pandemic if you are from the future!) I had started going to user groups a lot more and was looking to start speaking at them, but my dream was soon squashed by the many lockdowns and while I did give a couple of online talks, it’s just not the same. Going out and meeting new people again is something that I am very much looking forward to, especially being able to represent Vonage.

Lately, I’ve started live streaming on Twitch, it turns out that coding live is destined to end in some sort of failure, but the journey is almost always an interesting one. Come along sometime or find me on Twitter

My life isn’t just about computers, I seem to have more hobbies than time to do them. These days I try and limit my extracurricular activities. Usually, when I’m not sitting in front of a computer, I can be found out cycling, brewing beer (and often drinking said beer), performing some act of DIY or being a father to a gorgeous little girl.