Caroline Kerns

Community Manager

Caroline Kerns is a Community Manager at Vonage. She lives in Oregon and loves collecting dice, playing Magic The Gathering, Cross-Stitching and taking photos of local wildlife.

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Caroline Kerns joins the Vonage Developer Relations Team

Last updated on Apr 07, 2021

Hi everyone! I’m Caroline Kerns. I am excited to join the Vonage Team as a Community Manager.

I’m originally from Germany and was lucky enough to visit and experience different countries before settling in the US about a decade ago.

My interest in programming started a couple of years ago with a desire to create a Jane Austen quote website (because who doesn’t want to read daily Jane Austen quotes?). To learn more, I joined a few different programming communities, and while participating in these communities, I realized that I absolutely love being a Community Manager.

I enjoy creating welcoming, valuable, and exciting communities and am looking forward to bring my skills to this team while also learning a lot from the team here at Vonage.

Outside of work, I love collecting dice (I will happily send you pictures of my collection), playing Magic The Gathering, re-reading Jane Austen novels, cross-stitching, hiking, or taking photographs of local wildlife.

I am excited to join this team and this amazing community, and I am looking forward to getting to know you! If you’d like to connect, you can find me on Twitter.